Known issue? Power on straight to Performance Mode

  • Is this a known issue?

    I'm on the beta FW 5.0.0. I have the dark toaster Kemper with Remote, two expression pedals attached to the Remote.

    If I boot up straight to the Performance Mode, there's no/less gain. Visually, all the knob settings are good. But guitar output is quieter and there's no/little gain available.
    I have to switch to a different Performance Mode (i.e. Performance 2 -> Performance 3 -> back to Performance 2) to get the right sound again.
    Switching to a different rig within the Performance (i.e. P2 Rig 1 -> P2 Rig2 -> back to P2 Rig1) does not fix the issue.

    After switching to a different Performance, the issue goes away. But it happens every time I boot up the Kemper.
    Tedious to do it every time, and I'm afraid I'll forget one day playing live...

    Anyone experience this? Is there a fix?

    Using the new 5.0 MBritt Vox on Performance 2.

  • I suggest you verify, where your pedal volume sits at that time. Volume Pedal Location is set to Pre Stomp by default. So it is controlling gain like your guitar pot does.

    Otherwise please open a support ticket including a backup and detailed instructions how to reproduce the situation.