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    The mic picks up reflections from the room as well.

    Kemper and OC only analyze frequencies not reverberations.

    It would be interesting to hear how a profile captured in an anechoic chamber sounds.

    I bet it would be more accurate.

    What you’re actually seeing is the knee-jerk defensive position taken by some 2 or 3 members on this forum when faced with any perceived slight against their KPA (even when, more often than not, it’s completely imagined), and a reaction to their smug attitudes when another view is put forth.

    This is not bullying.

    And, in my opinion, the TGP thread has been more tolerable than this one, aside from the relentless conspiracy mongering which has, fortunately, died down a bit.

    Different strokes, agree to disagree, yada yada...

    When people get emotional they don’t think rationally!


    QC is just a fad and will be forgotten in 3 years. No need to be so upset.

    Question: will everyone who plays frigid outdoor gigs need to wear special smartphone gloves in order to operate their QC touchscreens?


    Don't think QC is targeted at gigging musicians. From what I've read it's more targeted at modern people who "don't live in the stone age".

    I, for one, enjoy living in the stone age .

    Relevant information on a product that is "tabbed" in the "Other Gear" section of the forum is not trolling. Like me, if you dont like it, dont read it.

    About his post? Yea I did that, explaining to them that there were a few people upset over a "relevant" post that was on topic. Glad you enjoyed it. ;)

    So you went on a forum and cried to the CEO of a company that some guys on another forum don’t like your posts?!


    You seem to have a personal problem with this community and the Kemper Profiler.

    You found a new love? Nice, go and be happy, nobody will stop you.

    What you are purposely missing (besides the point) is that you "could" view the "Other Gear" tab not logged in, like all the rest of them, up until about a week ago... Now why do you think that is Mr. tinfoil?

    Where did you hear that?

    Even if that is true, I don't know why. You tell me!

    No offense taken. I never implied that though. Not once. That's just how you perceive things. Doesn't mean it's true. ;)

    I just stated the fact that some people in this thread assume that if I say something critical about the Kemper that it "equals a negative mindset or bad intentions" which of course, it does not.

    I'm just illustrating that you seem to want to shine the light in one direction only, when in fact it should be shined all around.

    It's possible to be both a fan and longtime user of the Kemper, and also be critical of its shortcomings.

    Holding both of those ideas in one's head seems to be very difficult for certain Kemper users these days.

    True, but this is a thread about QC. I didn't see anyone defending the Kemper. I think most people said that in Bea's video the QC sounded better. The only debate was about whether that video is accurate or not, that's all.

    I don't even know why you think it's QC vs Kemper. It's not. People are just pointing out QC's potential flaws and some just can't take that criticism. It's the same in the huge TGP thread.

    ( also, disclaimer, in my opinion QC will be a huge let-down, at least in the beginning and it's nowhere close to the Kemper outside of a handful of flashy "features" that don't do much for me )

    Log out, go back to the "Private Forum area" and see if the "Other Gear" tab is there. Then ask yourself why it isn't... Every other tab is viewable "logged out" BTW except this one.

    ?! What? LOL

    Oh, I get it! It’s part of the big conspiracy to bring down this year’s rehash of the “kemper killer”. :))

    Last year it was Mooer, now it’s QC.

    Do you see any qc threads at Fractal’s?

    No! it’s an orchestrated effort by a Secret cabal of guitar gear manufacturers!!!!!

    We don't have to imagine it...many Kemper diehards are doing it right now in this thread.

    That's just how how perceive things. Doesn't mean it is true.

    Frankly, implying that people who are into gear might be jealous of your new toy, just because they don't agree with you, is even a little childish, no offense.

    All true, and now imagine looking in the mirror. ;) That's where we "all" are at one point or another here... I got defensive because everyone seemed to be degrading a product that hasn't been seen yet except on videos. You got defensive when I said the captures of the QC sounded better than the Kemper did to my ears, and no matter the reason "why", it did. So that knife cuts both ways...

    As far as I remember we discussed about the veracity of the promotional videos and whether the result was really trustworthy.

    I have no problem with QC sounding better and I know that I, myself, thought it sounded better in Bea's video so there's that.

    I also don't remember anyone saying that QC is garbage. I think everyone can agree that it is a cool piece of gear!

    But, it seems that some people can't take ANY criticism of their new toy. ANY critique must be squashed, there's no room for imperfection.

    ANY issue must be confronted with all kinds of cognitive dissonance inducing rationalization techniques.

    It's funny cause ALL modelers are marketed as the great next thing. EVERY release is surrounded by people defending and promoting it to death.

    I've seen this before. Try going to the Fractal's forum and make the slightest critique to any of their products. It seems to me that the Kemper community is much, much better in that regard.

    Imagine thinking that pointing out flaws in a product equals a negative mindset or bad intentions ...

    Also imagine fanboys defending a product that needs no defending and which has not been released yet ...

    Just imagine ...

    The problem people seem to miss about the whole "cloud" thing is not necessarily that you don't control your presets.

    The BIG problem is that there is a planned redundancy switch built in. If, in two years, they release QC2 they can just say that support for QC is being phased out because the app cannot work with QC1 anymore for whatever reason.

    When that happens you will NOT BE ABLE to upload any new captures/presets!

    Peasants on TGP give the Fractal editor as an example.

    That's absolutely not the same. Even if the latest and greatest editor doesn't support an older model you can still use an older version to edit and upload stuff unto your device, just like before, so in a way it can never be phased out whatever Fractal does.

    Do you really see original QC being supported in 5 years? I don't!
    Will AxeFx Standard and 2011 Kemper models work, like they do today, in 20 years? Absolutely!

    Seems like they are more interested in working on the social aspect of the product than the product itself.

    They spent so much time on this non essential ( to customers ) feature which translated in delays and less .. actual .. features implemented on the device itself.

    Why not focus on a regular editor and the device first and think about the social aspects later? Makes no sense to keep saying that they're trying to implement the most "important" things first ( i.e. the cloud related stuff ) and implement "other" features later which in reality are the MOST IMPORTANT features to a modeler.

    Yep, he says he gets paid I agree. He also says he wouldn't throw the Kemper under the bus (in a matter of speaking). So I guess we believe what we want at this point. :)

    I am ok with people believing what they want. I'm not invested in this thing whatsoever so I really don't care about it other than enjoying some banter.

    I see you are quite invested considering you are defending this thing non-stop on TGP and here. It must be an important thing to you so YMMV.