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    II ran into the same, or at least a similar type of issue when I bought the same floorboard recently, and installed the UNO chip. Was really disappointed because there was no rhyme or reason for the rig selection in Browse mode.

    What I finally did that ended up working out perfectly (with mine, UNO4 Kemper installed), was to assign a MIDI number to each rig, in the rig settings (I only assigned to a handful that I actually would be using with the floorboard, maybe 12 rigs, so within 3 banks).

    So then in BROWSE MOD:

    • pedals 1-5 in Bank 1 ended up controlling rigs assigned midi #'s 1-5
    • pedals 1-5 in Bank 2 controlled rigs assigned midi #'s 6-10
    • pedals 1-5 in Bank 3 controlled rigs assigned midi #'s 11-5
    • and so on - all in banks of 5 - it ended up being simple

    Hopefully that works for you. I don't know why it was so difficult for me to eventually figure this out. I found a thread at one point where there was discussion about renamed rigs to sort, etc., but I found that simply assigning midi numbers to each of the rigs you want to select in Browse mode is all you need to do, and the banks work in groups of 5 as noted above.

    Good luck (again - this is using the UNO chip, but assuming it would be the same regardless)

    This ended up being user error, but I have some recommendations. You should include in your manual, that many purchased Profiles do not come with a Midi Channel assigned to them, and therefore, will not work properly in Browse mode, until the user goes in and assigns a Midi Channel Number to them.

    If there is a way to have the Kemper automatically assigns profile specific Midi Channels to profiles loaded in the Kemper, please share that with me as well. I incorrectly assumed that if I had 999 profiles installed on my Kemper, that the Kemper would automatically assign the Midi Channels accordingly.

    When I use my new foot controller in Performance mode, everything works as expected. When I use it in Browser Mode, all the effect selections work as expected, but navigating through Amp Profiles does not. There doesn't seem to be any rime or reason to the process.

    First, why do you have to double tap to select a profile, verses just a single push of the pedal?

    Second, it doesn't matter which bank level I'm on, each button 1-5 selects the same profile. In other words, if I select Bank 1, button 1 its one profile, and there are separate profiles for each of the 5 buttons, but when I go up a bank or down a bank, selecting 1-5, brings up the same profiles, regardless which bank I'm on.

    Third, I can't figure out how it goes about assigning profiles to each button. If I have my Kemper set to sort by All, it brings on 5 particular profiles and assigns them to buttons 1-5 with no apparent order to them. Then back to my 2nd point above. If I change the Kemper sort to something else, lets say Favorite, then it assigns 5 different profiles to buttons 1-5, but again, after that, I'm back to my 2nd question again.

    I'm not sure If I'm explaining this well or not, I hope you guys understand what I'm explaining as well as what I'm asking.

    I realize that I can just assign the amps I want to Performance Mode and all will work as I want it to, but I'd like to figure out how to use this controller for browser mode too. Logic would say that if I had 2 profiles on my kemper, that 1-5 would be in Bank 1, 6-10 Bank 2, 11-15 Bank 3 and so on.

    I sent this to Freidman support tonight, but need to rule out the Kemper as the culprit.

    I've had my KSM-13 for several months and only recently began using it while waiting to get a Kemper after deciding to move away from my Fractal unit.

    I had complained on a few online forums saying I was underwhelmed with the volume of the unit, that there was no way this would work in a band situation. Just bit loud enough.

    Several people chimed in saying they have no issue with volume, I wrote it off as differences on ideas on loudness.

    Then about a week ago, out of nowhere, the volume suddenly dropped in half, and stayed that way for several days. I checked all cables/connections, all was good, I was stumped? (I created a thread here about this issue)

    Sudden Volume (Monitor Out) Issue

    Then one day, all back to normal, no changes to anything, just louder again, all out of nowhere.

    Tonight, out of nowhere, bam, really, really, loud, way louder than anything I've ever experienced with the unit.

    Now I'm convinced something is just not right.

    To all of you, I've ruled out cables being the issue, do you guys think this is a Kemper issue, maybe software related, or is this most likley an issue with my ASM-12?


    I have read that my first issue where the volume dropped is a known issue with the Kemper. Could my sudden loudness be the same Kemper issue?

    So I bought the FCB-1010 and purchased the Kemper eprom for it.

    Wow, works flawlessly!

    Help me understand what the real advantage of the Kemper Remote vs the FCB-1010 other than the LCD panel, which I agree is very nice to have.

    I also get two expression pedals built in that work great!

    I posted this in the wrong section, so in reposting this here.

    I was messing around yesterday trying to get my Behringer FCB1010 woking with my Kemper, and of course it kicked my butt, but that is not what I'm writing about here. I don't know if it was a coincidence or just a random issue, but now all of a sudden the volume going out the Fractal Monitor Out that feeds my Freidman ASM-12 is much lower that it has been. Cranked all the way up, is giving me the typical volum of about 4, vs the 10 is should be giving me.

    Volume out the Mains to my Studio Monitors is normal.

    I went into output settings, changed my Monitor Out to Guitar/Stack and it was loud as normal again, change it out to Mono Master, volume is low again.

    Any ideas?