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    We are proud today to bring you our newest title "Clean To Scream"

    There are 12 Amps to go through recorded in our normal detail..

    TwoRock Bloomfeild,

    65 Amps Marquee

    Redplate BluesLine

    PRS Sonzara

    Fuchs ODS

    Toneking Gremlin

    Fortin Messugga

    Fargen olde800

    Engl Inferno

    Diezel Herbert mk3

    Divide by 13 BTR

    Friedman Buxom Betty

    Everything was recorded & Tested at our HQ (OrangetreeStudios) - There is something for everyone here, but as most of you know Im more of a lowgain guy. - but the heavy amps I really did take a liking to these more than I thought I would!.

    Anyway, the Pack is availbe now on our website.

    Pack 12 - Clean to Scream!

    We are currently working on samples so this will get uploaded ASAP. - in the meantime. - Im here to aid you with any questions and am happy to help

    its good to be back :)



    Ok I have many amps. and the profiling is on its way.. wont name them all yet as not all will make the cut. but Brands from Fender, Carr, Divided by 13, Diezel, Fortin, mercury, ToneKing, Marshall, TwoRock, MesaBoogie, Phenix and many more...

    As always will be using my instagram to add pics etc to share the journey.

    Going dark, getting loud. so wish me luck! :P

    Hey : )

    I have already done a few selmer T&B profiles in some of my earlier packs.. (Pack 3 and 7?) might be wrong on numbers of pack but I did a few I remember : )

    Not too many of them around these days sadly!

    WoW its been toooo long. - some older faces here will remember me, and greets to the new ones too!. I hope you are all well!

    I have been very busy with my studio of late, (orangetreestudios) so not had much surface time.... however...

    There has been a bucket-load of new amps out there that I have been asked to do/profile by request, and sadly have been too busy to really get stuck in with this. but give me a few great amps and the temptation is too strong not to profile them!. : )

    myself and I, will be doing another big pack. so thought Id swing by here and let you know the exciting news!.

    I need to dust off the old profile fingers and really get stuck in again

    Everything will be done through my studio/liveroom so using nothing but the best out there for recording chains, before finally hitting the neve desk (more pics and info of gear can be seen on my studio website, for those gear nerds out there)

    Anyway. - because im still in a great position to get most amps of any kind. - please leave a message of what amps tickle your "want" list, and I will do my very best to accommodate this!

    Finally, its good to be back! : )

    Missed you all


    Im still here : ) - But thanks indeed for your nice words.

    I do indeed do less these days, mostly because after profiling X amount of amps, there is not much more that people really need, especially the amount I have done over the years. - Now I only seek really good things to profile, then wait it out till the next great thing comes along to profile.. then when enough I will release a new pack again.

    The last thing the community needs right now is another 15 profiles of (insert same amp name here)

    Plus, yes I run my new studio "OrangeTreeStudios" and thats pretty full on, and as Im a one man operation. - things get a bit crazy and need to prioritise my workflow.

    We still offer everything back to our customers in much larger discounts these days, and full support still where needed.

    I might have given up profiling for the time being, but never give up on the support for my customers, they still remain top of my list, and am as loyal to them as they are to me.

    For now, I wish you and family a VERY merry xmas. and a great new year, - and if your feeling up to it, download my free rig pack that Kemper released today.


    Im assuming your using the same profile (as this wont go out of phase with itself)

    Flipping the phase is a bad idea,, as you can hear it trying to null itself. and will never sound pretty.

    Now the first one is fine, in phase, but what your hearing is not out of phase, its called Freq Choking. - where set number of freq "unwanted" are clashing. - this can be from a difference impedance from the guitar output & pickups. or unwanted freq in the profile that is causing this.

    On the 2nd pass, lower the definition, as its set to high in one of those passes, check your DBu, to see if your clipping at a certain freq band (around 3K)

    The profile itself was badly recorded maybe, and actually has single mic phasing issue. therefore when stacked it goes out of phase. (comb filtering)

    Try and EQ one of the guitars put a broad dip in the EQ around 2k-4K to see if that tarnished high freq vanishes.

    Well what I'd love to have is the Kemper allowing split signal, so one amp on the left, other on the right, can then mix/blend till happy.

    When creating the pack, I did this just to help separate the sounds before summing them to mono. and some cases were exceptional in the stereo feild!.

    So yeah.. Roll on KPA2!