User created sub folders, USB keyboard, general naming

  • That's probably the one thing I'm missing the most.
    It'd be fantastic if I could manage the folders and add other folders than the regular "all rigs" "last imported" "favourites", "my rigs" etc.

    So one could for example create folders for "rhythm guit", "lead guits", or sort amps by style in sub folders called for example "country sounds" etc.

    Or in my more specific case (studio application): I'd really love to sort profiles by band, so "band name xyz" would be a folder with all the profiles I'm using for that band, "band name uvw" could be another one for another band etc.

    Another huge bother is the naming process, it just takes forever, the ability to hook up a keyboard via USB would speed it up...a yet better option would of course be a computer/USB based editor (see line 6)...
    Also, I think it's a bit confusing to have for example 3 places to to put in the cab name, I never know in which one to put "Marshall", in which one to put "1960av" and in which one to put "Marshall 1960av" etc.

    I know some of these are common requests (editor), sorry of someone mentioned the sub folder thing before, I couldn't find it on here