SLO-100 Clean Liquid Profiles / tone stage gain staging - Public Beta 11.0.052927B

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    Hey Guys-

    S+L+O Clean Liquid profiles - gain staging not working correctly.

    Previous patch- all controls were at noon- including gain- all correctly "burnt in" - gain function at 5.5 - was clean (how it should be on a slo-100 physical)- generic gain moves non-linear. - all good and true.

    since update S+L+O Clean Liquid amp tone stack- as soon as you move the gain - <5.5> is more distorted than it should be. and "generic gain" follows the gain linear.
    - if you re-load profile this returns in stored/correct state.

    I have tried - reburning profile , restart/reboot an etc.

    Can anyone else confirm this issue/have a fix for this?

    Might be an issue relating to the new "clean comp" function - buggy with S+L+O-Clean tone stack.

    FYI First issue with a Kemper profile in 12 years!
    Kudos Kemper team! <3

  • I would like to confirm this issue. This problem is not tied to liquid profiles but also to the "traditional" profiles with generic kemper gain and EQ. Both clean and distortion profiles have incorrect gain levels that are copied from the original profile that was loaded before the profiling starts. They sound right but the measured gain level is wrong.

    For example - I have loaded a higain profile with gain at 7.1 in the browse mode. Then I switch to he profiler mode and profile a crunch channel and the gain stays at 7.1 on the new profile. Or when I make a clean profile the issue is still the same, gain at 7.-1 even if the sound is clean on the profile.

    Please check this issue, thank you guys :)