OS 11.0.0 Public Beta for all PROFILER models

    • Official Post

    This is the first OS version supporting PROFILER™ models: Stage, Player, Head, Rack, PowerHead, PowerRack! It requires at least Rig Manager 3.5.27 for Windows®/macOS®, Rig Manager 1.7.2 for iOS®, and Rig Manager 1.7.0 for Android®/Fire OS®. Rig Manager 3.5.27 requires at least Windows® 10 (version 1703) or macOS® 10.14.

    OS 11 introduces the following innovations:


    added: new amplifier parameter Clean Compensation

    fixed: Phaser Oneway noise

    fixed: Phaser Vibe noise

    fixed: Ducking and Mix in Chorus at PROFILER Player

    User Interface

    added: Effect Button I-IIII assignments can now be administered in Rig Manager (Rig Settings)

    added: MIDI control changes #75-78 to switch Effect Buttons I-IIII

    added: USB MIDI host capability for all PROFILER models

    fixed: RIG VOLUME LED collar mid point at 0.0 at Head/Rack/Stage

    fixed: preselected parameters Gain Pot Reference, Amp Model, and EQ Position correctly synchronized between hardware and Rig Manager in PROFILER Mode (Head/Rack/Stage only)


    added: some Natural Reverb presets now also available at Easy Reverb

    changed: new output presets in factory content (Head/Rack/Stage only)

    Known Issues

    Combo foot switch functions at Player not yet implemented

    Rig Manager displays scale of Predelay in Echo Reverb as 0-320 ms instead of the real 0-2000 ms