Problems With Performances Saving Wrong w/ Rig Manager/Patches Changing Themselves

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    Hey Everyone! Been having this issue lately with my Kemper Stage and wondering if anyone has had this problem and/or solved it before..

    Problem essentially is what the title says; I've been having issues in rig manager with it not saving patches properly (scenes not in the right order) and its also relabeling dirty/clean patches, not saving parameter changes, swapping amps in and out...and then once I get everything back to where its supposed to be, I save it, power it down, then power it back up and 50% of the time its made changes to itself somehow... and they are always different changes... leaving for a tour soon and would love any insight if anybody has any :)

    Oh, and the rig manager and hardware itself have always been up to date too.

  • OK. Always best to check as it is a very common mistake. I thought RM was totally flaky and sent support a video to show the “problem”. They tacfully pointed out that the problem wasn’t RM or the KPA but the Muppet operating it 🤣

    I’m afraid I can’t help with you scenario though. Your best bet is to open a ticket with support and have them look into it.