Player extended midi control demo and how to show slot-names

  • slateboy i don't play out anymore aside from heading to a friend's place once in a while so everything is home-based. it's an unconventional studio to say the least.

    i do want to play with pitch. i don't mind if it's imperfect compared to the missing whammy. i enjoy stumbling onto quirky sounds anyway. for example, i want to combine pitch & wah at the same time. i no longer have a midi foot controller so to start with, i'm printing a rocker pedal as i type. i have a couple usb->midi cords but this project will house a QT PY RP2040 which can be programmed to handle CC/Sysex/NRPN. I do have access to DAWs.

    to be clear, there's nothing about controlling settings or parameters that i need in a crucial way. i'm only looking to explore and enjoy the process even if the outcome is impracticable or absurd because for me, it's really fun.

    "No socks? No problem."

  • I have a MC6 Pro. It would be great to figure out how to show the effect names and their state on the controller. Would this be possible?

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