GT-1000 to Profiler Player

  • Hi there!
    I have been using a GT-1000 basically since it came out. Kemper has always been on my radar of course but I was always afraid to buy anything because of the higher pricing and features I just don't need. I also always feared that the day I bought one, a newer one would come out. Well, this almost happened recently! The P-Player is exactly what I have wanted all around for what feels like forever. From tone to, features, form-factor, community, and support etc. I'm absolutely satisfied and I'm so happy to be apart of this community!

    I really enjoyed my time with the GT-1000 but it's too damn big, it's too damn bright, I never use a quarter of the features, the interface is a pain and though it can make some wonderful sounds, it doesn't sound as good as this P-Player does! Fresh out the box I was getting stuck playing on all of the stock tones. I was quickly convinced that it is a keeper!

    About Me: I'm 40 years with a beautiful wife and a lazy beagle. Currently winning a battle against Testicular Cancer since July of '21. I am a metal-head at heart but I never cared for the scene at all. I fell off of almost all Western music in 2016. I was captivated by Japanese artist and I have never been able to recover! My mentor/idol since that time has bee Takayoshi Ohmura. Over the years I was fortunate enough to interact with him a lot and when the whole cancer thing started, he showed unbelievable kindness & support in many ways but most shockingly to me, by donating $10k to my GoFundMe. After recovering from the surgeries and Chemo, I decided to finally go to Japan just in case I wasn't going to last much longer. I landed in Japan and sent Mr. Ohmura a message. He welcomed me and then asked when I was free to meet. What followed was the greatest week of my life. Capped-off by being able to meet my mentor, hang out with him and his band's singer, and even jam with him using his guitars. I am forever grateful and in debt to his generosity. I'm also grateful to still be here and the fact that nothing affected my guitar playing long-term. I just went through what I hope is the final surgery of my battle. Here's hoping that I am 100% cured! See you!

    Alias: BillyNoSocks
    Playing Years: Approx. 28
    Main Guitars: ESP Japan Takayoshi Ohmura Signature Snapper 6 & 7 string models in Twinkle Pink.
    Main Ear Candy: Mostly all Japanese Metal band these days. Came up on Metallica, Pantera and the like.

    "No socks? No problem."

  • Hello and Welcome BillyNoSocks ✌️

    Gongratulation to your new kemper.

    Man, this is an overwhelming story!

    All the best for your health and recovery.

    The kemper community here is great.

    Don't be shy to ask if something isn't clear. As every new device, it has a bit of a learning curve. But all in all very intuitive.

    Cheers and have fun 🤘

    Kemper Stage - Macbook Air 2017 - macOS Catalina 10.15.7 - Logic Pro X