• 大家好,我是一名来自中国的KPS新用户,第一次使用KPS,出现了下面的问题,希望能得到大家的帮助。

    今天晚上,乐队排练,我的KPS开机后一直停留在“KEMPER PROFILER”界面,再也进入不了操作界面。

    使用“SYSTEM+1按钮”进入RECOVERY里面的“Init&Factory Content”还是不行。


  • Translation of the above:

    Hello everyone, I am a new user of KPS from China. The following problems have arisen when I use KPS for the first time. I hope to get your help.

    Tonight, the band rehearsed. After my KPS was turned on, I stayed in the "KEMPER PROFILER" interface and could no longer enter the operation interface.

    It still doesn't work to use the "SYSTEM+1 Button" to enter "Init & Factory Content" in RECOVERY.

    My English is not good, so I can only communicate with you in this way. I'm really sorry. Thank you.

  • 你好,那个情况有点儿奇怪。我建议,现保存你的profile,然后在System,第一页,你可以做一个“init global”。加油,祝你好运!


  • If you can translate your Chinese before posting, that will help. There are language-specific forums, but the English ones have a lot more activity.