Any Suhr Paulownia users / feedbacks ?

  • Hi Guys!

    I've been planning for quite some time to add a T type guitar to my collection, and I've narrowed down my options to 3 (Suhr) models in my price range : Classic T, Classic T Antique and Paulownia.

    Aside from the differences between Antique and Non Antique (I like the light aging but I'm kind of scared of the playing feeling with the neck finish, never tried it and heard that the nitro can give some stickiness to it...) I'm slightly attracted to the specs of the Paulownia (Roasted Maple Neck on top of the list, dark grey color at the bottom) but I struggle to find feedbacks on this particular setup.

    To be frank, I've heard nothing but praises about Suhr guitars, hence my shortlist (this will be my most expensive shovel and I expect it to become my number 1, for gigs and at home) but :

    - living in France/EU, we have limited options as far as Suhr guitars are concerned (and between lockdowns and stock shortage, test drive may not be an option) and this particular model is available at Thomann (cannot explain the huge price difference between the Classic T and the Paulownia on the website though)

    - I read/heard someone saying that his Classic T Paulownia (the guy's specific model) was a bit muddy, too muddy to be used (and he had to return it). I imagine that this may be an individual case but it's one of the only comments I could find.

    Anyway, if some of you have one, tried one, had one, I would be really grateful if you could give me your comments/feedback about it. Even though buying a Suhr guitar never seems to be risky, if it's not conclusive I would play it safe and stick to the Classic T!

    Sorry for the loooong message and thanks a lot in advance guys!

  • I have 3 Suhrs, carved top Standard, carved top Modern and a Classic Pro S. The first two are custom builds with high end woods. The Classic Pro is Alder. None of the necks are sticky or even close to that. My personal preference would be the Classic T. The reason for that is I am not a fan of a relic guitar. I like mine to look new for as long as possible. Any relic marks will be from my use.

    Paulownia is another whole story. I did some research into that last year when I found a G&L that I really like that was made out of it. They also call it Empress. What I found is that it is a very soft wood, softer than Basswood. It will dent much easier than something like Alder. It is a fast growth lumber. A lot of people like it for the light weight but I saw it as something more fragile and possibly less resonant than a more typical wood for a guitar like the Classic T. I chose to stay away from it. Now, with that said, John knows what he is doing when it comes to building a guitar. He is using it for his builds and putting his name on it. There is something to be said for that. I did find out that as with other woods, there are different grades of it. That means there could be a difference in the hardness and weight of it. Maybe he is using some that is a little harder and resonant. I just feel that it is not something I want to take a chance on. Others may love it. Just my 2 cents.

  • Thank you so much for the feedback! It's exactly what I wanted and needed to hear!

    Even though it "might" be great, I feel like it would not be a fully reasonable and thoughtful choice for a first Suhr, especially without being able to test it before!

    I will then focus on the classic T series (have asked Thomann a quote for the Modern T... theoretically above my price range.... but we never know, if something great happens!) !

    Thanks a lot again for your help!

  • Atm i have two Suhr guitars. A Classic S Antique and a Classic T Antique. You can watch them here. I've picked the antique models, because I really prefer the feeling of lacquer. Both necks are not sticky at all. They play wonderful, stay in tune extremely well and sound awesome! The neck profile is a medium C, not too thin and not too thick, at least for me. Until some time ago i had a second Classic S Antique with a roasted maple neck and a SSH setup, but I didn't like the roasted neck, hence I sold it again. But anyway, what can I say, those are great instruments. I would always recommend instruments of this brand.

  • These are real beauties Mattes !! thanks for the feedback and the advice !! The representative from Thomann is fishing for quotes at the moment. Still secretly hope that they will come up with a killer price on the Modern T but the chances are thin I think (the USD/EUR exchange rate is really interesting for us in EU but every shop tend to apply at least a "1 USD for 1 EUR" rate, or worse) !

    The classic T (non Antique) seems to have a "standard" vintage neck profile but I really don't know what difference it will make to me (My current 2 electric guitars are a Pacifica 611 and a SA2200, both Yamaha then, so different feelings as far as the neck is concerned)

  • I have the suhr Andy Woods T style signature and it is amazing. Very playable, typical t sounds but a little more girth to it with the woodshed pickups.
    also had a Guthrie Govan sig which was also amazing. Can’t go wrong with Suhr guitars and as a t style is so basic in many ways, I honestly think you’ll love any suhr one you get.

  • Thanks Netheravon for the feedback, it is quite reassuring !!

    There are a few demos out there but this specific model does not seem widespread! I've asked for a quote for the Whiskey Barrel / SS pickups configuration. This guitar is absolutely splendid ! I was wondering by the way, the website says that both the neck and the body have a "satin" finish. I was wondering if that was Nitro or Poly (or is it a stupid question?) ?

    Thanks a lot again for your feedbacks guys!