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    it’s the ability to “fill the room”, without losing low end which attracts me. I reckon a closed back cabinet will sound great for you but the other guys in the band may not be able to hear you. If that’s true, the imprints feature may be of lesser importance. Happy for someone to tell me that their band members can hear them fine without additional monitors (in-ears, floor wedges, etc).

    Why don‘t you buy a Barefaced Reformer 112 instead and put a Kemper Kone inside? That should give you best of both worlds. I have one with a normal speaker and it is a really great sounding cab.

    Atm i have two Suhr guitars. A Classic S Antique and a Classic T Antique. You can watch them here. I've picked the antique models, because I really prefer the feeling of lacquer. Both necks are not sticky at all. They play wonderful, stay in tune extremely well and sound awesome! The neck profile is a medium C, not too thin and not too thick, at least for me. Until some time ago i had a second Classic S Antique with a roasted maple neck and a SSH setup, but I didn't like the roasted neck, hence I sold it again. But anyway, what can I say, those are great instruments. I would always recommend instruments of this brand.

    Was Ingolf schreibt ist faktisch gesehen sicherlich absolut richtig. Aber meiner Meinung nach ist es so ein wenig wie mit der FRFR Abhöre. Der eine mag sie, der andere nicht. Ich gehöre zu der letzteren Gruppe.

    Ich habe eine ganze Zeit mit einer VHT 2/50/2 gespielt. Und zwar ausschließlich über Gitarrenboxen mit Gitarrenlautsprechern, 2x(1x12) und 1x(2x12), jeweils Stereo. Wie alle Röhrenenstufen färbt sie definitiv. Auch dann, wenn man den dafür vorgesehenen 'Contour' Schalter benutzt. Nichtsdestotrotz hat es mir persönlich immer gut gefallen. Was die Durchsetzungsfähigkeit angeht, liegen diese Endstufen auf jeden Fall immer vorn. Es ist einfach ein anderes Spielgefühl mit so einem Teil vor den Lautsprechern. Das lässt sich schwer beschreiben. Dabei geht es nicht nur um EQ basierte Dinge, auch in der dynamischen Reaktion ist so eine Röhrenendstufe anders als ein Transistor.

    Jetzt habe ich im Kemper einen Camplifier. Aber eigentlich nur wegen der besseren Handhabbarkeit und wegen des geringeren Gewichts. Meine Meinung dazu: Wenn es gut klingt, dann ist es gut.

    I've checked it. I couldn't get it installed by using the installer, but I could extract it and move it to the correct taget location. It works. Even on my M1 mac mini. But I needed to execute it the first time from finder by clicking on open in the context menu and confirming the start request.

    Btw. Thanks! :)

    No more constraints than Apple, Microsoft Office, Banks, etc put on us every day Mattes... Ever buy gasoline these days with cash? I can't remember the last time I did that. So you gonna walk cause you don't trust a digital gas pump? :D For example, we can't even post here without logging in. Is that a constraint too?

    It's up to you to accept that business model. I don't in that particular case. Simple as that.

    I don't think you need to be on-line to "use" the QC for a gig/session. Only to download new presets and captures and updates. By itself, it's a fully functional unit IIRC everything I read. Please correct where needed... :)

    That's exactly what i mean with 'validating'. Sure, you can use it for a gig or session. I never doubted that. Even if it's not very likely, what will happen, if they go out of business? They do create unnecessary constraints. Why? To protect their ips? To protect others ips? I can't see other reasons. Therefore i only have access to my self created profiles through the cloud? There should be other means. Thanks, no!

    Those are all valid points! But there is one particular point, that makes all the other ones obsolet, at least for me. That is: 'business model'. As long as they do insist on 'validating' me by being logged on to their cloud in order to operate that device completely, it is unsuitable. That might look a little old fashioned, but that's how i see things. This is especially true for things in my guitar gear. Ymmv, but i assume i'm not the only one with this perspective.

    As much as I like the unit and am rooting for it, not having the option to manage files locally is an absolute deal breaker. I'm sorry, but I don't want my shit completely micromanaged by NDSP or any other company.

    So do i. To have the complete content locally and offline managed it is not an option. It is a must.

    So no drama, everything works pretty much the same as in the Kemper world. But everything is focused in one place: in the Neural DSP Cloud service.

    Seriously? How will you make an offline backup? How will you offline transfer your setup to a backup/spare/rented device? The constraint to be online in order to do such basic actions is a complete no go, at least for me. All my profiler data is stored locally on my disk(s) and on multiple backups.

    If that's not an issue for you, that's fine for me, but if that's not possible anymore, that device is not suitable for me.

    Regarding that 'matching' thing ;) here my two workhorses:

    Both play really smooth, have a great sound, are very silent because of the SSCII noise cancelling system and, like all guitars of Suhr, i've heard of, they are extremely tuning stable.

    Got this baby last weekend. It is a from 79. All original.

    I remember when i was 16 or 17 and saw this model the first time in a german music magazine 'Fachblatt Musikmagazin'. I was completely blown away and i couldn't imagine that someday in the future i would own one of those.

    Those DiMarzios sound absolutely great.