New Update Bricking My Profiler

  • When I got the message to update Rig Manager today, I did so. After the update, my profiler keeps locking up. I've even deleted the new version of Rig Manger and went back to 2.1.41, and it keeps locking up my Kemper. As long as I don't have Rig Manger open on my Mac, no issues, the minute I start Rig Manger up, goes back to being locked up again. My Kemper is running 5.5.2 13463 Operating System, which I understand is the most recent.

    I use my Kemper in my Studio only, so I always audition profiles using Rig Manager verses the Kemper Front Panel.

    I'm wondering if simply dragging the Application to the Trash (Mac Computer), deletes enough underlying files and that's why the most recent approved version (2.1.41) is not working.