Kemper for bass noob. . . help for speaker selection

  • Hi guys,

    I've had my Toaster for a bit and let it gather some dust. I am getting the itch to play some bass and was wondering about what kind of speakers to use . I currently am using 2 Friedman ASM 12s for my guitar but don't think they will stand up to bass guitar freqs. My Toaster is unpowered. I would appreciate any suggestions, tips, what-to-do . . what-not-to-do help. Any Profiles you like I should check out. Anything helps.

    I know Tony Levin of King Crimson is using a Kemper on tour but won't fool myself of rising to his level. I'm just looking for a good sounding cab set-up.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I've just had the first of my EV ZLX15P speakers arrive and one of my requirements of those are for playing bass. I'll let you know my impressions once I've spent some time with them. Mine is a 4-string and the speakers are supposed to do 44Hz, so I'm hoping they'll be good.