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    If you mean the possibilty to Lock FX-slots per performance (so it works like normal pedal boards but you can have different effects/settings in different Performances) instead of Locking the whole unit this function has been asked for several times through the years but hasn’t been implemented so I guess there is no interest in offering that function.

    No one seems to know why since this function could eliminate the need of extra FX units hooked up to the Kemper. Too bad since the sound is really good.

    A new Kemper will stir up the market like they did when it first came out for sure.

    It will have an AI based processor and dsp and will answer to the name Cheryl.

    Voice activated program changes from a wireless neck mic and a deep learning AI that learns your playingstyle and setlists so turning on that boost when its solo time will be a breeze!

    The AI will do all of the profiling including refining and setting up all of the input sense stuff and so on automagically.

    At some point it will also learn how to brew coffee and go to this forum and delete "humor not detected" posts like mine ;)

    If it learns how to not block the whole unit with the same constant FX parameters in "lock"-function through different presets/performamnces I’d even be fine with the current small display.?

    Kemper Stage 2:

    - Scribble strips/display for every switch (instead of just a colored light) so you know what they do in the current Rig/Performance.

    - Lock per Performance for use like traditional amp/channel switching and various pedalboard setups for FX.

    - Free routing of amp/FX-chains (series, parallel).

    Let it be more expensive, it would still be worth the money since you then wouldn’t have to use other gear to complement it.:)

    I use other products like Helix and Quad Cortex and as a user I have questions and tips for those companies too. From them I usualy at least get a reply to my questions but in this case with Kemper there is just a total silence. How hard can it be to at least say:

    We’ve heard your request but we have decided that this is not something we want to have in our product. I would accept that immediately and thank them for the reply. Then at least I would know how to plan my live-setup for the future . To not even bother to shortly answer a question is just bad customer support (and I have already bought 2 Kempers).

    I would like to have this functionality too.
    I assume that Kemper Team is hesitant cause there's only ONE lock button and it would mean another parameter to tick somewhere.....

    It would led to some mistakes/misunderstood from owners

    If users press, let’s say a delay-button, there are maybe 10 different delays to choose from and even more parameters in each of those delays so I can’t see how a 3-option "no lock"/"lock per performance"/"lock globaly" (as it is now) could be a problem for users to understand.

    The Kemper team sure can do whatever they like, I just want to now if this is around the corner or if we who need this function have to seek other options.

    I’m a touring/gigging guitarist with different acts and around 100-130 gigs per year.

    As much as I love the sound of my Kempers I truly hate some of the limitations in handling, especially when it comes to live situations.

    Me and other guitarists in the same situation have been asking for a ”Lock per Performance” option for many years now. (I don’t even bother to explain all the benefits with this function one more time and there are many threads to read if you don’t know what this is.)

    I would like to ask Burkhard (who seems to be in the Kemper team) or anyone else in that position: Are you working on this option or have you decided not to go further with this? Please let us in need of it at least know if we should wait for it or just seek other solutions, that would be fair and the least you can do.

    Hoping for a clarification regarding this.

    Best / JS

    Just thinking out loud here: other than some "quality of life" UX improvements (typing values into Rig Manager, copy & paste blocks, etc.), I really can't think of any major new feature that the Profiler needs updated to stay competitive. All the effects and drives are now as good as anything else out there.

    Some things I'd love to see, but are by no means crucial:

    • Snapshots / scenes for Perform mode
    • Lock effects blocks per performance, not just globally
    • Assign a 5th effect switch to an unused tuner, looper, or tap button.
    • Allow for effects switches to be recalled as default saved, or as last used when switching rig slots in perform mode
    • ???

    So yeah, any major features or updates that you all think are still needed?

    Many good suggestions including This!

    • Lock effects blocks per performance, not just globally

    The thing is, it doesn't matter how many FX you have in the unit and how good they are if you can't have one (or many) FX-block that you have activated stay on while changing Performance slot for another amp/channel-sound. If they turn off when you change performance slot you will have to tap-dance to make every FX active again EVERY TIME YOU CHANGE Performance slot and it's not acceptable in the long run. As it is now, I can LOCK the effects so that function works but... if I change a Locked effect in one performance then that effect with it's settings is overwritten to EVERY other Performance. For example a standard generic delay in one Performance can not be a dotted eight Edge U2-delay in another Performance if you don't like to tap dance every time you change from a clean to a crunch channel on your amp (Performance slot 1-5)

    So, if I play with a touring band with the same repertoire of 30-40 songs this isn't a problem. I just make a performance for every song that will be played and don't Lock anything. Fine!

    But when I'm doing around 150 gigs per year and it's not with the same band/artist every time? One night it's with a fly-in artist and you have 1,5 hours of rehearsal and then a gig for 60-80 minutes. The next night is a cover-gig with a repertoire of about 500 songs and for those who say "Just create a Performance for every song you might play" I say it's impossible. And even if I could make Performances for every song, if the singer shouts out "Purple rain in B-flat 1..2..3..4..". That song might be on Performance 08 and I'm on Performance 124 since the previous song. Hello tap-dance!

    In that case it would be much easier to have a generic Performance to rely on and just activate the chorus and delay because that is what that song needs... but the next song might be a U2-song which has a different delay... you know what I mean.

    Helix has this function since many years ago (I had a Helix but switched to Kemper for the better amp-sound in Kemper and took for granted that this would work on this unit also) so I'm pretty sure the Kemper team can give us "Lock per performance" if they want to. Unlike "dual amps"-requests this isn't about lack of processing power but more of a will to supply a decent option for gigging musicians. To be honest this demand has been in many threads through many years before so personally I have given up on this in Kemper and ordered a Quad Cortex which is coming next week.

    They don't have that function either for now (because their product is new like Kemper was in the beginning) but they are at least (through mail) eager to develop their product and satisfy musicians and their demands. As I already have 2 Kempers (with extra stuff in the loop) I hope they can implement this soon but unfortunately I think this is way down low on the priority list.

    My two cents...

    Many users including myself have asked for this option to ”Lock per performance” instead of Globaly in different threads for years now so I think we can assume that it will never be implemented. I don’t know why but I’m pretty sure it is possible and don’t consume much processing power either. I had to solve the problem by putting a Line6 HX Effects in the loop of the Kemper so I can have different FX setups and turn them on and not having them turn off just because I change rig slot for another amp sound. It takes up more space on the pedalboard but at least it works.

    I think it is time for different things than distortion, fuzz … upgrade of EQing and Modulation Effects (Trem Upgrade, Flanger, …) and second morph stage…

    I don't mind more effects and if someone wants a new Big Muff I really hope you get one, but in my opinion the sounds and FX are really good in the Kemper. I find it more lacking in user functions for different playing situations and I think many of them should be easy to fix and don't use much of processing power.

    Examples of what I myself would appreciate and others have asked for are:

    -A second morph-stage sounds convenient (never heard that before)

    -Lock FX per preset/globally option

    -If you choose to use Looper or Tuner buttons for FX on/off, make the LED turn on/off accordingly (doesn't matter if it's only white, at least you can se the state of it)

    -Switch between Browser/Perform-mode via a chosen footswitch (this lets you jump between a setlist-like Performance and a freely set order of sounds in Browser mode) (..but if Lock FX per performance was an option this would not even be needed)

    -On the Kemper Stage- user can choose what the Master volume controls (master, monitor... or Rig Volume as someone suggested)

    There are many more of this type of function-requests but the bottom line is- Let the user have many options in how the unit behaves in different situations. Sometimes that is what makes a unit user-friendly on stage compared to when you're hooked up with Rig Manager in your bedroom (or studio) and have all the time in the world.

    To brusky : I still hope you get that Big Muff anyway :)

    There are lots of requests in this forum and I understand the Kemper team (if you read these pages) can’t fulfill every request.

    What would be good is to at least report on which ideas you are working on and which ones you decide to not look further into.

    This would be like the Line6 ”idea scale” where you can see if something is in progress.

    I follow my own requests, the same which has been made by a number of users and seems like a small update but I feel stuck in limbo and don’t know if I’m supposed to be patient or jump to another product. It would be much better if someone said: ”We don’t want to implement this because...” or ”Good idea but we can’t do this in our unit”.

    Then at least I’d know what’s happening and I could act accordingly to that.

    Long post but please read :)

    I think we're a little bit stuck in a discussion of for/against a choosable option in this thread so if we can agree on some basics I think we can avoid misunderstandings and make this a win/win for everyone.

    1. If we get this "Lock per performance" mode in an update it will of course be an extra option and not harm the way Kemper works now. Everyone gets to choose if they want to have nothing locked, effects slots locked globally for the whole unit or locked only in some chosen performances.

    I would personally use all 3 (or at least 2) of those modes in different situations:

    I would have some performances made for specific songs when it's required where nothing would be locked and I could have radically different settings for Intro-Verse-Chorus-Solo... and so on stored att buttons 1 to 5 in that specific performance. (This works fine in some cases with a fixed setlist but if I'm at a cover gig with a repertoire of 500 songs to choose from and the singer shouts out a song title and key there is no time for scrolling through song specific performances when you hear the drummer go "1-2-3-4".....)

    Then I would have some generic performances made for different types of music (pop/rock, country, jazz, metal...) to start from and use Lock per performance for chosen effects so I could change the amp/gain/sound (Rig) with buttons 1 to 5 for dynamic changes in the song, still keeping let's say my slapback delay on most of the time if this was a Country-Performance.

    2. I don't think we as users need to find technical hinders for implementing this function, like coding and so on. Helix has this option and it works fine so I truly believe that a slight tweak of an already existing Lock-function is much easier for the Kemper team to manage than it is for the Helix team to make their product sound as good as the Kemper profiles :)

    3. This is not really about the Lock options but I read somewhere in this thread that there are only 4 buttons you can use to turn on/off effects with so as a tip if you didn't know there are more buttons you can use if you want. On my Kemper Stage and the remote to my Kemper Rack I use the buttons I-II-III-IIII to turn FX on/off but since I never use the looper I have adressed that button to turn on/off another FX slot. I use a Mission expression pedal with a built in toe-switch which turns the wah on/off in yet another FX slot. When the pedal is in heel-position the tuner shows up so I don't need the TUNER button either so I set that switch to turn yet another FX slot on/off. The possibilities are endless AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE "LOCK PER PERFORMANCE" OPTION :)

    4. To those who don't have a need for this function: Please support us who need it and you can use your Kemper exactly the way you have done before. Who knows, when the option is there you might one day use it if only for just one song. Just like if someone asked the Kemper team for yet another fuzz or maybe a new FX that makes their guitar sound like a hairdryer. I personally wouldn't use it but let 'em have it. I'll just leave it off, no problem.

    After all we are just a big Kemper family! :)

    As I see it ALL updates should be an option for users to use the new feature or keep it as before. As it is now when you press the store button in a performance you get the options either store the entire performance or just the actual rig. The same could easily be applied for Lock globaly or only in this performance. It’s just a logical string in a software update so the question is not if the competent programmers at Kemper can do this, but do they want to?

    And if not, then why not? What is the benefit of NOT having this as an option?

    Basically good idea but there must be a certain logic of what to lock. In your case it is just effects. Currently the user has to decide upfront what to lock (cab, stack). So a bit of complexity added.

    Just to avoid misunderstandings: It is already possible to lock individual effect slots but the problem is you can’t have them locked in one Performance and then have the same slots unlocked or with other effects and settings in another Performance. So a Lock-fuction that can be saved per Performance would solve many problems.