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    I think what you may be requesting is way beyond even the Kemper. Trying to capture eq settings on a continuous basis for each knob position in order to capture an eq behaviour may be equivalent to trying to capture a time based effect. ie not possible because in order to do so would require the Kemper to profile an almost infinite number of positions on each eq knob resulting in possibly thousands of profiles and then somehow morphing between each profile in real time depending on the position of the eq knob on the front of the Kemper. For that you would need a super computer and the ability to dial in each eq knob in micro movements. ?

    It's best to treat the Kemper eq as a studio eq strip on a console after the micing of the amp. You won't effect any of the behaviour of the amp itself but you will affect the global eq of the mic recording the amp.

    I have used tonnes of software amps and I even had a Line 6 at one point and through them all, I never spent as much time actually playing as I do with the KPA. Once you settle on a profile you like, it's hard to put the damn thing down. I forget I even have a Kemper when I'm playing, the touch sensitivity and sound is so good. I would love a FRFR cab to really stretch her sound legs and someday when the need arises I will get one. Until then this thing will keep me coming back for more playing and that's a good thing. Enjoy your Christmas Pressie. ?

    I gave this profile a go and I have also listened to Ruben's video and these are my observations.

    The sound on the video seems to be embellished with a room mic picking up Ruben's string hits in the room. Listen to the video with headphones. You can hear it. If you take this sound of the mic in the room out of the equation, the profile straight from the pack is, in my humble opinion, is identical. I played it with a ES335 with the Classic 59 pickup in the bridge and it was damn close but for it sounding a little less abrasive considering it's a semi-acoustic and not a Tele and I'm not Ruben. His playing style is also a major factor too. He's attacking that guitar with gusto.

    If you just got your Kemper yesterday how did you manage to find time to type this post? I had to be physically dragged away from mine to eat and sleep for about the first week :D

    Glad you’re enjoying it. I really is a game changer. Everyday you just keep finding something new to get excited about.

    Now stop reading this post and go play with your Kemper :thumbup:

    Oh I was eating and heading to bed as I typed my post. :D

    I am in love with the M.Britt /13 profile already. A little tweaking of the clarity and I was in heaven.

    Thanks all for the welcomes folks. :)

    Anyway back to the ould playing.

    Hi all, I am a long time lurker of these forums due to my interest in the Profiler so this is my first post. I found the forum to be an excellent source of information for any prospective owner and after reading the many threads and listening to the Profiler on sound-cloud and YouTube I decided to take the plunge and get one myself.

    I received my Profiler yesterday and what can I say? I was not expecting it to be that good. I had a rough idea that it would be good but nothing really prepares you until you actually try it in the flesh. From the moment I plugged in my 335, the tone left me speechless. In my opinion the warmth and thickness of the tone has surpassed all software modelers that I have become accustomed to and I have tried them all. The only two that have come close, from my experience, have been Mercurial and S-Gear and while they are excellent plugins, they really are missing the organic sound and feel of the Profiler. I can't pinpoint it but it's definitely more organic. Maybe it's the code or maybe it's the audio interface, who knows. Up until getting the Profiler, I thought those software plugins were the best you could get and that any hardware modeller would be the same but more expensive. Not so with the Kemper. It's in a league all of it's own. I am delighted that my decision to make such a purchase was worth it and I hope to have many years of happy camper playing. :D