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    Resurrecting this thread.

    I just got my hands on an FCB1010 with the EurekaProm2 chip, flicked it straight into PA mode and was working happily with one directional MIDI. Ok so with that all good I then hooked up bi-directional MIDI and was looking forward to stomp-box effects state feedback and the like....and what I got was a flashing light show of intermittent stomp box statuses. The same behaviour as documented in this thread. :(

    Seems to be worse for the delay stomp for some reason - it never syncs. The rest are almost tolerable, but they do flicker randomly.

    Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this?

    I might be completely wrong here but I couldn't help wondering whether some kind of error happened when capturing the direct amp profile. Or you got a dud BE100 head. It's more than just no Bass, the merged profile with cab off has no life, no dynamics. They are as flat as a tack.

    As I said earlier in this post I also got the Brown Sound pack at the same time and the merged profiles with the cab off sound fantastic through my guitar cab. I find it hard to believe that a $5,000 plus head (BE100) with a substantial reputation sounds that lifeless.

    Have you thought about putting a tuner at your feet, like a TC Polytune or similar? That way you run direct to that, it can be useful and then you can run from there to your backline.

    As a new Kemper owner I am thinking of doing this for the same reason you mention.

    Same problem here...

    Got the same issue guys. I purchased the Brown Sound pack and the Beye pack with the express purpose of using the Merged profiles to access the direct amp sound to run direct into my THD 2x12 cab via a solid state power amp. I can report that the Brown Sound pack merged profiles sound incredible to my ears, really happy with these.

    However the BE100 merged profiles, with the cab off, sound dull and lifeless. Interestingly the same studio profile with the cab module turned off sounds way way better, but the merged profiles....nope, not happening!

    Shouldn't a studio profile with the cab off and a merged profile with the cab off sound very similar?

    G'day to all you KPA people!

    Wow, all I can say is wow! Ok, I've had my new Kemper rack for 2 days and I can't believe how good the sounds I am getting are. After a lifetime of searching....have I found that tone? Perhaps.

    So currently pumping through my THD 2x12 via a solid state rack power amp and it's sounding so so very good. Spent the first day running through some full range monitor speakers which was great, but once I started to push some air via my cab....then yes! This is it.

    I've already profiled my first amp. I've done 4 Direct Profiles of my hand built Ceriatone 18W TMB (it's a Marshall 1974X clone). It is possible that the Kemper profiles actually sound better....or are my ears deceiving me?

    Happy to be here!