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    Check the specs here, there is NO WAY its not loud enough, check the PEAK wattage in this video
    Dude i own one, its LOUD.

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    Ill bet both my nuts.


    I'm not referring to the Gemini's volume, I've never even used one, I'm talking about the ASM-12.

    I'm convince there is something tied to the wattage rating of how Friedman determines the output of the unit. I do find it strange considering the history of the company. I also believe it's probably tied to having an issue with their input clipping too soon, not allowing the power amps to reach their potential.

    As a simple comparison, I use presonus scepter eight studio monitors which are powered at 90 W each.

    My studio monitors drown out the ASM 12. This happens before even coming anywhere near close to pushing the maximum volume of my studio monitors.

    I even did a video that I sent to David Friedman trying to diagnose the problem, reading DB levels comparing my studio monitors to the ASM 12 clearly demonstrating that the Friedman was not even coming close to maxing out what the studio monitors could put out on theDB measurements. He had me send the unit back, but ended up returning it back to me with zero feedback, which I was also surprised about.

    So based on comparing watt output from one manufacture to the another (ASM-12 to Gemini), in this example is not an apples to apples comparison.

    I've been playing guitar for 35 years, I've owned too many to count high end tube guitar amplifiers. If I were to compare the volume output of the Friedman ASM 12, it probably compares closest to my top hat club deluxe which is a 20 W guitar amplifier.

    My Suhr badger 35, completely drowned out the ASM 12. And it's a 35 W power amp. Now I realize were comparing to tube power to solid-state power so that is not an apples to apples comparison, I only mentioned these, to give you an idea of just regular practice Output volume.

    For me, a typical 50 watt tube amp has always been sufficient for band rehearsal. I would expect any of these powered speakers to compete with a 50 watt tube amp, considering that 5 is where the master volume usually sits for me on most 50 watt tube amps when practicing.

    FYI, I do have all the internal output settings done correctly as suggested in this thread. I am very happy with the Sound of the ASM-12, but am still, after all this time, underwhealmed by the low volume the unit puts out. No way this things handles itself in a band rehearsal. I will sell it soon and buy the Gemini II with the hopes that the volume will be where it needs to be, plus the advantage of running stereo, with all the great effects we have now in the Kemper. I'm also looking to add an Eventide H9 Max, but I've got another thread about that before I pull the trigger on it, as I'm concerned about the ability to run it in stereo throughout the entire effects chain, which based on what I've read, is not likely possible, unless it is always the first effect in the chain, which is not always ideal.

    I am considering purchasing an Eventide H9 Max. I want to be able to keep all internal Kemper Effects routing through the pedal, keeping everything stereo all the way though the Kemper. As I understand it, lets say I want to use a Kemper Stereo Effect, lets say Delay, before Kemper can route that stereo signal to the Effect Send on the back of the Kemper, it converts is to Mono, which would mean that the delay signal feeding the H9 as an example would be mono, leaving the only stereo signal of the H9 being the only true stereo effect.

    If I were doing this with traditional effect pedals, say a Delay Pedal and and an H9, I would go L/R out of the delay Pedal, into L/R Input on the H9, then L/R out of the H9 into the next source, if its an amp, it would be two separate amps inputs.

    Does the Kemper actually have a Stereo Effect Send as well as a Stereo Effects Return. From what I've read/watched, it has a Stereo Return, but only a Mono send. I get that If I place the H9 as the first effect, it will be stereo throughout, but I will not always want that.

    Does my question make sense?

    I had an AX-8 and I tried desperately to love that unit. I so wanted it to be the end-all for me. No matter how hard I tried, it simply did not sound like a real Amp.

    To me, all of the overdrive and sounds, regardless of the modeling, all basically sounded the same to me.

    Since buying a Kemper, I have fallen in love with it. It's everything I wanted it to be and a thousand times more!!!

    The thing with the Kemper, it's all in the quality of the profiles. If you end up buying one, make sure before it even arrives to your front doorstep, that you buy one of Michael Britt's profile packs!

    I get it, that's what is so confusing about all of this. Remember, I sent it back to Friedman for evaluation.

    I have gone through every troubleshooting process of elimination known to man. The issue is consistent regardless of what is connected to it. Kemper, Fractal AX8, CD Player output. All the same. It can get loud to a degree, just nothing close to band volume.

    Remember we are takin. 500 watts of solid state power which can't be accurately compared to tube power.

    At a true 500 watts, I would expect that at full volume, it would be hard to stay in the same room for extended playing time.

    I posted about my frustration with the volume level of the friedman ASM – 12 a few times. At this point I'm seriously considering the mission engineering Gemini 2, but I really want to hear users feedback regarding the volume level of the cabinet.

    Some history of my experience with the Friedman ASM – 12. Overall I think the cabinet sounds really good, I also think the cabinet looks really great. I like the fact that you can use it in the wedge mode, as well as the traditional up right position.

    The only structural issue I have with it, which is widely discussed, is the idiotic placement of the carrying handle. I honestly think Dave Friedman was smoking some insane pot the day he came up with that idea, it truly is idiotic on all levels.

    My number one issue with the ASM – 12, is it's grossly under whelming volume level. I've actually gone through the process of contacting Dave Friedman, sending him multiple videos with my DB level meter, demonstrating the lower level output of the unit. At his request, I shiped the unit back to him, where he had it checked out, and he shipped it back to me basically implying to me there's nothing wrong with it. As there was Zero explanation, no I am sorry you're not happy with it, but it is what it is, no we checked it out, and it appears to be working properly, I got absolutely nothing. All I got was a box with the speaker cabinet in it delivered back to my house. I left multiple messages, all of which went and returned for over two weeks. Finally somebody who works for the distribution company told me, well of course it's working properly, why else would we have shipped it back to you? It was a really strange experience. I'll just leave that right where it is.

    There is no way in the world you could play with just the ASM 12, with a live drummer. It's simply cannot produce enough volume to be able to even handle light practice. My badger 35, which is a 35 W amp head, completely drowns the ASM 12 out. My presonus scepter eight studio monitors, that are rated at 90 watts each, also will overpower the ASM 12. If I were comparing this to a typical tube amp, I would say the ASM 12 is the equivalent of a 20 Watts tube amp. The power amp inside the cabinet also easily clips, which completely makes it unable to run it at Max volume. Just in case you're curious, yes I did confirm all of the correct connections were made, verified cables, went through all the expected troubleshooting of all of that, actually had the exact same experience with both my Kemper as well as a fractal AX8.

    So I get it, why am I spending so much time talking about the ASM 12, when my question is really about the mission engineering Gemini 2?

    Well, I wanted to be able to give a clear example of my experience, as well as paint a picture of what I'm hoping to achieve. Considering I am happy with the sound of the ASM 12, I definitely don't want to go through the process of selling it, then end up buying the Gemini 2, then end up realizing I have the same problem.

    So that being said, those of you who have experience with the Gemini 2, can you please elaborate on the volume of the cabinet compared to a traditional tube amp head. If you happen to have experience with the ASM12, and the Gemini 2, then please give me your opinions on both of those, from both a quality of sound perspective, as well as the volume perspective.

    Obviously the Gemini 2 is compelling because it's a stereo cabinet, which hopefully, we'll get a good stereo image, and a solid stereo representation of the Kemper. Please, please, speak to that aspect of it as well.

    I have both the Friedman ASM and Mission's Gemini II. I love both of them. The Friedman itself is not cheap. The Gemini is a bit more, but I feel it is worth it. The silent fan. The bluetooth. The stereo capabilities! The 2x12 speakers. Everyone has different opinions. But my pick would be the Gemini. Cheers

    How to you compare the volume output of the Gemni II vs the ASM-12?

    Does it do a good job of providing solid stereo imaging?

    I have the ASM-12 and it sound good. The issue I have with it is, it is "NOT" very loud when compared to a typical 50-100 Watt Tube Amp. There is no way I would even think about trying to play with a Drummer if all I had as a single ASM-12.

    It also clips very easily, making it next to impossible to play with the ASM cranked. My Suhr Badger 35, could easily drown the ASM-12 out. I even went through the whole process of shipping it back to Freidman for Dave to check out, they could not find anything wrong with it. The 500 watt power rating is very deceiving.

    Its fantastic to jam with in a Bedroom Volume, but heck, even my Presonus Spectre 8 studio monitors are louder than the ASM-12, and they are rated at 90 watts each.

    I have a Friedman ASM – 12, that I love the sound of, but there's no way that I could rehearse with the band, or play live with it. It's just simply not even close to being loud enough for those applications. It's the only part of that unit, where I'm completely disappointed. You would think a 500 W powered speaker, would be deafening loud, this thing is not even close to being loud as the 15 watt tiny terror I had once.

    Actually sent it back to Friedman to have it checked out, as I was convinced there had to be something wrong with it. Dave Friedman makes great products, but provides the absolute worst service of any company I've ever experienced. Well, except Carvin/Kiesel, they are the absolute worst!

    You know it sounds ridiculous but I developed a serious case of carpal tunnel within three weeks of owning my Kemper.

    I'm not joking, I literally went from playing maybe 30 minutes a day, to five and six hours every night seven nights a week, I was addicted to the tone from the Kemper. My body just wasn't used to it, so I've been having to wear a wrist guard for the last month, I completely had stop playing for over a month, as I got tested for carpal tunnel, and they said if I didn't stop and give it time to heal it would require surgery!