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    This statement is on the Kemper Profiler web site:

    "Traditional MIDI based foot controlers are also supported and pretty much every parameter can be controlled."

    I have had a Profiler for over a year, and in order to be useful live, required the purchase of a pedalboard to control it. To now change course and either require me to purchase a lesser pedalboard to get a significant feature or continue with my pedalboard without the feature is why I have a complaint with the policy, regardless of whether I had met Christoph or not. Kemper has promoted (and still is promoting) the use of 3rd party products with the Profiler, now to the possible detriment of their customers, in my opinion.

    It'd be great if you could recall stomp and effect presets by MIDI commands.

    That way you could program a footswitch to, for example, choose between a few different delay presets while staying on the same rig.

    I was able to do this using a Liquid Foot pedalboard:

    Pressing a button would send each of the effect parameters as a series of NRPN messages and reprogram the slot. Unfortunately, this doesn't choose effect presets actually, it sends all the parameters so the preset has to be reverse engineered into the NRPN messages. It takes about 5-10 minutes for me to do each preset this way.

    I am controlling wah via midi as follows:

    Mission pedal -> Ground Control Pro (one cable for pedal sweep, one cable for switch) -> Ground Control Pro Midi -> Kemper

    This works fine when I first power up the Kemper, but if I leave the Kemper on (as it normally is in the studio) moving the Mission pedal randomly causes the Kemper to turn on all effect slots, tuner and turns off the output. The only way to get everything back is to cycle the power.

    Anyone else experience anything like this? Any solutions?

    I don't really want to plug the Mission cables directly into the Kemper, as I want to keep the pedalboard to Kemper connection as simple as possible (1 midi cable).

    Thanks, Jeff

    Since the Kemper and GCP do not communicate in both directions (the GCP can't read for example the rig names off the Kemper, or have the status of effects transmitted to the GCP automatically. Easy fix for both though below.

    After your kemper is set up as above, select a preset with the GCP. Be sure any effects you want to load when you switch to this rig are turned on and the corresponding LEDs for those effects are lit on the GCP. click the Edit button far right top row once, then click bank down three times until a patch name shows up with quotation marks around it. Rename the patch using the bottom row (#1 to #4) buttons, when the name is correct click edit again, then #4 (yes) to save it. Now when that preset is called up on the GCP, it has your custom name and the effects that are on within the patch are on. Please note if say for example you don't have the GCP set up to turn the delay on, then it won't matter - however the preset is saved on the Kemper is how it will come up.

    Example - you have delay set to turn off and on with the GCP. Even if the rig you're selecting with the GCP has the delay turned on, if the delay button is inactive on the GCP when that rig is selected, it will NOT be active.

    You can set up the Ground Control Pro/Kemper to retain the Instant Access states when changing patches to act like a true pedalboard (I'm not in front of my rig, so this may not be exact):

    1. Lock stomps & effects on Kemper
    2. Set up a GCX as a device in the GCP
    3. Set the IA buttons to control GCP 1-8
    4. In the GCX patches, set the GCP as inactive (which will let the IA buttons act independently from the patch selection)
    5. Unless you can remap midi controllers in the Kemper (I don't think you can), you need something like a Midi Solutions Event Programmer to remap the GCP IA controllers to the Kemper stomps & effects

    The thing is, I don't think you can simply add a separate cab profile to a preamp only profile within the same Kemper.

    If you make a preamp only profile, that doesn't mean the Cab section is left empty, ready to receive a separate cab profile. At this moment, there's no way to tell the Kemper you're only profiling a preamp instead of the complete preamp/power amp/cab/mic chain. So part of the sound of the profiled preamp will be assigned to the cab section. That's why Viabcroce said to leave the cab simulation on when using a preamp profile.

    Sure, you can take the preamp profile you made, call up the Cab section and scroll to another cab preset, but part of your original preamp sound will be replaced because the Kemper doesn't know that it doesn't contain a cab and will try to subtract what it believes is the original cab portion from your preamp only sound.

    After playing around with the Preamp Rig Pack, I was able to turn those Rigs into usable Rigs (for my purposes) by changing the cabinet and tweaking. I think that's the approach I will take along with making some profiles with my cabinets so I have that as a speaker choice.

    Thanks all!

    Mhhh... would you elaborate on the purpose of sending a preamp straight into a cab? I think this is not the way they're supposed to be used, isn't it?

    When recording - I would normally select a tube guitar preamp such as a Randall MTS Grail module, output to a Red Box or Phantom Cab, and then direct into the console to be recorded. No audio is captured by a mic.

    I would like to do the same with the Kemper with the option of more/better cab selection. I would select the Grail profile along with a cabinet profile and output to recording.

    I think the question is: how do you want to use the profiles? You said not through a guitar speaker, so I assume you'll be running it through some kind of cab simulation in the studio?

    If you profile only the preamp, you won't be able to add a cab inside the Kemper afterwards. That's because the Kemper expects a profile to contain the complete chain: preamp, power amp, cab + microphone. If a profile only consists of the preamp, turning off what the Kemper thinks is the cab section (or trying to replace it with a cab preset from another profile) will take away part of your preamp's sound. At least, that's how I understand it.

    Yes, in the studio I would want to use the preamp profile through a Kemper cabinet sim.

    Mhh... If you're interested in a pre's sound, I'd not profile ot with a poweramp and a cab, unless both are extremely linear, and even so...

    Also, curious: what's the mesning of applying a cab simulator to a pre? I don't onw any, and never tried :)

    PS: the first method seems the healthier to me X). Remember anyway to leave cab simulation on when you use them :)

    A guitar preamp direct (without a speaker or simulator) will have way too much high end.

    I agree that the preamp direct would be the cleanest path, but because of the extra high end, I would not be able to dial in the sound I want prior to profiling.

    If I profile amp #1 using a cabinet and various mic combinations (57, 421, ribbon, condenser for example), do I want all the combinations for amp #2, or will it sound the same if I just do one profile and load a speaker/mic profiled from amp #1?


    I'm getting ready to profile all my MTS preamps and have several ways to do it:

    Direct line from preamp (no amp or cab)
    Red Box 5 cab simulator DI
    Rocktron Phantom Cab Simulator
    In Randall MTS head to various speaker cabs

    Is there one method that is best from these?

    I'm going to use these in the studio (not through a guitar speaker) if that makes a difference.

    Thanks, Jeff