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    my best to Lightbox and Viabcroce! I applaud your efforts for stepping up to create something useful for the community. The site has been very useful as your contributions in the threads. I've learned and gained from both of your inputs so thanks.

    Obviously it would be cool if the Kemper team were to maintain a wiki, of course it'd be cool if they got a Mac version of RM out too as well all the other items in their work backlog... providing they have a backlog list ;) just kidding..

    My point is we all know it's a small team and in reality, small teams can only do so much... the list becomes sorted into must have's, nice to have's and pie in the sky items.. so what's the K-team to do? The wiki is very much needed by the community... newbies gain valuable information that takes time to sort through... but I'd bet the wiki is "pie in the sky" for the K-team.. not speaking poorly of them; I'm thankful for the service that we get and it's cool to continue to get freebies like RM and profile packs..

    So I don't offer a solution... only support for both of you.. and for the K-team. Lets get it worked out... easier said than done.

    So the interface stops working when no master signal is received?

    no.. it works... just poorly. for reference, I use a Yamaha 01V96i as the interface; SPDIF in/out to the KPA for DI and Amp noFx and I record the Main analogs with Fx for reference. I run USB (16 ins/16 outs) from the 01V to the Mac.. Before the Kemper, the Mac slaved to the 01V but now the 01V slaves to the KPA. Whenever the KPA unit is turned on, the 01V must be slaved or I have audio problems... if I turn the KPA off, I have to reset the computer and sometimes the 01V.

    So I'm looking to slave the KPA unit to the 01V and my life would be much better; maybe the Behringer unit (thought it was a good suggestion but want to be sure before I spend the cash.. :) But I'm open to other suggestions if you've got them??

    While recording you don't even notice if you forgot to sync the interface to the Profiler's S/PDIF Out (or sync is lost for some reason) ... because you only monitor the wet track for obvious reasons.
    You only notice the pops and clicks when you try to actually use the DI track to reamp ... maybe a couple of days or even weeks after you've recorded.

    This can potentially be a VERY expensive problem (if you need to re-record) or at least get you into some kind of trouble.

    yup been there done that! I've even recorded two dry amp tracks instead of one DI, bummer too.. Now, I always listen to the SPDIF tracks before we start the active session just to be sure :thumbup:

    Most likely you have another workflow than me.
    As I said before, I'm 100% on 48kHz, so I need to sample rate convert to and from the Profiler's 44.1kHz @ S/PDIF
    So basically I don't use the Behringer SRCs for slaving the Profiler only. That's why I need 2 of them.

    If you're recording 44.1kHz you don't even need one of them ... as long as you don't mind to sync your interface to the Profiler when you're using it.

    Thanks.. I understand now... I'm staying in 44.1 the whole round trip but I have issues if I don't use the Kemper as Master... I get clicks and pops and drop outs.. so that's why I was so interested.. Looks like I only need one!! that's great! Thank you again! yeah I hate KPA as Master... it's a mega pain in the buttocks locking things up then unlocking when I don't use/need it... then resetting everything when I need it again.. just a pain.

    Two with my Profiler because I use the digital connectivity for re-amping.

    so I need two of them for amping/reamping I/O? What is it only one direction, not two? I'm not getting your workflow... How are you wiring yours? I'd have thought I'd simply wire SPDIF out from the KPA to the Board IN and the board out to the KPA IN; then control reamp via KPA switching... What am I missing? I gotta get this done so no more master issues! I'm sick of it. (but love my profiler :)

    Thanks man!

    Not necessarily a separate word clock. If your audio interface provides a word clock output (like the Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 or RME Firefaces) you can use it, of course. The separate word clock generator is only required if you have e.g. multiple studios (mixing/mastering/recording/editing rooms) and want to have every studio sync'ed to one central master clock.
    I haven't seen an audio interface that provides a word clock input but lacking a word clock output.

    lightbox, thanks for the info! Just so I'm clear.. have you actually used the Behringer unit with the Kemper unit as a slave to your audio interface? I'd just like know before I go buy.. thanks again for clearing it up.

    The audiophile package is not for download (to large files) - since it uses uncompressed audio (wav files).
    (not a good idea for a MacBock (Air) - or you need the external harddrive all the time).

    yeah for me.. I use a MBAir and a MB Pro Retina... so I use the had drive and just switch between computers as needed... its too simple to just pop it in the computer you are using via usb... I like coffee on the back porch and ue the MBAir to do my prep work.. push the resulting files to the dropbox and pick them up in the studio.

    the portability is nice.

    hat's the reason why many manufacturers have switched to or at least added different kinds of digital audio implementations from word clocked AES/EBU via XLR cables to various incarnations of audio via Ethernet (EtherSound, Cobra, Dante) or embedded audio in the video/broadcast world (SDI, HD-SDI).

    yep.. it would be awesome to have in a future Profiler V2... AES/EBU or preferably Ethernet/Dante.... or both. It's a shame that there wasn't expansion capabilities included in the Profiler V1 but hey.. as stated, CK changed the world for us guitar players and studio aficionados..

    until hopefully then... :thumbup:

    DukeOURL: your files are terrific, so many BIAB-songs, thank you very much !!!!

    my pleasure guys.. they were all freebies that I've collected over the years... and there's more.. I just have to dig them out LOL..

    I've got a great collection of real books too.. and in German! I'll put them out there shortly and let ya'll know... I''ve got a trip to Alabama today to pick up a 59' LP Historic VOS .. FINALLY! It's got a great history.. I'll share after the deals done.. but it's a beautiful guitar.