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    Also, your original post in you commercial thread says this:

    Tell me how that is any different that SinMix saying that his profiles are the best? Does putting a smiley face make it OK?

    Well, besides the fact that this was indeed a copy/paste from my yt channel (where my subscribers to know my tone and interpret it correctly), there is on MAJOR MAJOR difference...something that I thought would be obvious, but I'll gladly elaborate.

    To quote your own words: "..your original post..."
    Yes, that was MY post in MY thread, even if you don't get the sarcasm you could just interprete it as me being an ass an move on...
    There's is a significant difference between posting something in YOUR OWN THREAD in a tone that someone else might not approve of and repeatedly going into "competitors'" threads to talk sh#t and advertise your own product.
    I used that example before, but it looks like I might have to use it again:

    if Mecedes' add says "We build the best cars", you might or might not agree with that, but it's NOT the same as the CEO of Volkswagen repeatedly posting all over the official Mercedes forum telling everyone that Mercedes are too expensive and that they should buy a Golf intsead (this is not about a quality difference in those cars, that might just be a matter of about the rather obvious fact that one of those ways to advertise your product is ok and the other one isn't.

    And to be clear: this was just to explain the difference you asked me to explain...this was not meant to justify the banning, cause like I said, I'm not a mod and I'm not involved in that decision, but you've already been told by a mod that there were reasons that don't need to be discussed publically.

    I'm sorry, but I shouldn't and don't want to discuss decisions from an admin/mod - team from another forum on here.
    i wasn't the person who banned him on UM though, I merely gave him a warning (warning points), to which he reacted in an insulting and aggressive way. The ban was issued and backed by the admin himself.
    but the details shouldn't and won't be discussed on ere.

    the "problem" here was also not merely him posting a screenshot but went a little deeper. There were warnings issued (and ignored) before the ban happened, and I didn't personally/directly have anything to do with the ban, nor am I even remotely in the position to decide such a thing on here.
    like on every forum there are rules that have to be followed and warnings issued before a ban happens...
    such decision may not always be transparent to everyone, nor do I think they necessarily should be, some things should not always have to be discussed by everyone, that's what a set of rules and a competent mod team are for.

    And to put everything about that topic into one post:
    I did not sign that petition, that was done with fake accounts...just another manifestation of the same problem.

    I actually didn't want to post anything about this topic, since I'm merely a forum member like everyone else, and I certainly don't wanna risk pouring gasoline into the fire.
    now that I've been addressed directly several times, I thought I'd have to say something.
    tjis shall also be the last thing I say about this topic.

    Take care guys...
    and trust the mods.

    Thanks mate...
    working on some free crunch stuff ;)
    But things move slow, so no idea when that'll be out

    Thanks man done and paid for, ill record a message for ebay on my 9 string , only because i CAN


    aaaaaand sent.

    cheers mate, I appreciate it.

    have fun with the profile!
    BTW, I created it without a TubeScreamer, but it works extremely well with the greenscream in front if you want extra tightness for the palm mutes on very low tuned guitars.
    The GreenScream is already in the stomp section (but inactive)...if you wnat fastest thrash playing tightness for very low tunings you could just activate that one.
    (There's also a gate for live playing)

    Yeah, eBay didn't have the download option.
    so if you request the total I'll add 0$ shipping....but stupid:)

    I'll pm you the PayPal details in a bit, easier than going through the eBay hassle:)

    thanks mate

    EDIT: Just saw that you bought it already, so I think I'll have to go through the Ebay process now..
    no problem though, just click on "request total from seller" (or somethgin like that), and we'll have it sorted in no time


    Everyone keeps asking me for a profile of this beast, so here you go...

    This is a direct profile of the fourth channel of the Diezel VH4.

    A profile does of course not replace the amp, it's merely a snapshot of the amp with these particular settings etc.

    A huge part of the overall sound is also the cab and especially the
    miking (in this case a Mesa Rectifier 4x12, miked with an sm57).

    So what you're really paying for is not a profile that replaces the amp,
    but miking and profiling skills of whoever created the
    this case me.

    So if you like my taste in high gain tones and the way I set up amps and mic cabs, this one could be for you....

    Here's a clip to check it out with several different guitars and tunings
    to show you that the profile will work for your guitar and your playing
    as well.

    External Content
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    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

    I'm aware that some people are selling bundles with lots of profiles for
    less than what I'm charging for this single profile...but I couldn't
    care less....mine's better :P

    So if you like this sound and wanna have it for your live gig or
    recording, this would be a way to get it...for much less than what you'd
    usually pay for reamping or a studio recording.

    If you don't like it or think it's too expensive: you're welcome to just
    use this video as a reference clip of what the 4th channel of the VH4
    sounds like through a Mesa cab...

    love you all

    Ebay link:

    EDIT: First customer reviews attached

    Ok, becouse i have a few minutes :D Again Peace and Love!

    Stay Metal!

    seriously dude, I've blocked your ass on FB already, I'd really appreciate if you would stay out of my thread with your shit.
    I'm not going into your threads posting my stuff either...and have never done that.
    Try to act like a grown up, even if you aren't, after all you're claiming to be a professional.
    act that way!

    Quote from sinmix


    you're actually wrong about a lot of those points, but I'm not here to educate you.
    You can sell your product for whatever amount of $ you like...I seriously don't care at all. But please let ME decide how much I charge for MY product.

    you will also never see the CEO of Volkswagen post in a thread the CEO of Mercedes created, complaining to Mr. Mercedes why his cars should be cheaper, please try to be professional

    k, here's some little info about pricing and why I'll never sell a profile for less than 50 (well, except for all the free ones I shared, lol).

    As some of you might know my day job is being a music producer.
    Making records is not cheap, so bands (especially bands that don't have financial support from a label etc) are more and more looking to cut down on costs, which is totally understandable.
    One way to save some money but still get close to the professionally recorded guitar sound for your album is REAMPING, that means you record the guitar DI tracks at home or in a cheaper project studio and then have the engineer whom's guitar tones you like and want on your album reamp those DIs.
    Depending on how well known the engineer and how saught after his guitar tones are the price for such a reamping job ranges from about 200 to let's say about 500 (might be more) for just the rhythm guitars of one album.
    Now that is indeed rather cheap if it saves you about 3-5 full days in a studio to track your guitars with the engineer. It's also a fair pice considering that it's almost a full day of work and requires a lot of gear, well tuned rooms and some experience and knowledge (look up what a full day in a well equipped studio WITH a good engineer/poducer would usually cost!).
    So I think we have now established that let's say 300 is not too expensive for such an album reamping job (if you disagree with that, there's really no point in any further argument).

    Now lets say the same client asks for a custom profile (I'm now talking about a true custom tailored one, using the DIs of the client etc), creating such a profile not only takes the same (or more!) amount of time, gear, rooms, knowledge, experience, that custom made profile also replaces not only that 300€ reamping job, but also potential future reamping jobs from the same client (if you want the same guitar sound on your next album). So considering all that it should be pretty obvious that such a true custom profile could never cost less than the reamping job it replaces.

    Fair enough, this profile is not a true one-off custom tailored profile, but it still might cost me a couple of potential reamping jobs...and viewed from the other side: if this happens to be THE sound someone really wants on their album it might actually save them a lot of money. if 50 bucks is too pricey for you to have your favourite guitar sound on your album, you shouldn't record music in the first place.
    I don't say this is the perfcet sound for everyone, that would be beyond arrogant, but if it's not worth 50 bucks to you, you just don't buy it and look elsewhere.

    There's actually one (not so) fun fact you maybe didn't consider...
    I'm being contacted about reampings on a rather regular basis (like I said, it's part of my job)'s actually happening more and more now that I later hear from the client (or read on a forum) that some kid tries to undercut my price offering MY sounds... literally even saying that and mentioning my name in the process "Oh, Lasse charged you 300 for the album reamping? I'll do it for 150 instead, you'll still get Lasse's sound, cause I'm using his profiles to reamp your guitars" ... now THAT sounds like a bad joke, right?..sadly it isn't!
    So here I am spending tens of thousands for gear and rooms, perfecting the process of both miking and profiling and some kids actively contact my clients offering them to do it cheaper while still using my sounds (from their mom's basement).
    The guitar sound of an engineer is like his finger print, you'll always recognize an Andy Sneap, a Mark Lewis, a Colin Richardson etc.
    None of those guys would EVER share their profiles with you or anyone else...for a very good reason (cause it's NOT just a 57 in front of a Mesa cab, it's not that simple, else we'd all sound the same).
    I myself have been offered as much as 2000€ for a SINGLE profile from albums I produced (an offer that I of course refused, cause I am neither selling profiles of bands I'm working with, nor would I be re-using the same sound for another band)...but it maybe shows you that people are definitely willing to pay a lot of money to get THAT tone they're after...which is no surprise, really, you just have to have a look at how much people are paying for amps, cabs, guitars, pickups etc throughout their live, chasing THAT TONE.

    With all that in mind it should be pretty clear why I will never sell my profiles for the amount of $ YOU think is fair. It should also be pretty clear that 50$ is indeed not expensive at all for what you potentially get.
    Either way you should now understand why at least I think so and why I'm not willing to discuss my princing policy any further.
    If this (or any other of my profiles) is not what you're looking for, I'd strongly advise you to not buy anyway, cause I want everyone who's using anything with my name on it to be happy.
    But if this IS exactly the tone you want on your record or you wanna play with and you think 50$ is too expensive to achieve your tone, you should maybe consider another hobby.
    Either way, the bottom line is: I have my reasons for the number I put on things, if you think it's not worth that much, just don't buy it...move on and stop wasting everyone's time.

    But yeah..I don't think I really have to justify why I'm doing things the way I'm doing them...still, you now have your explaination, I seriously hope you'll be able to get some sleep now



    P.S. Additonal note:
    Not that anyone cares, but I actually bought and own these amps and cabs with actual money...I'm not just ordering them from Thomann/MF, profile them and then send them back to make a quick buck (which IMO is the lowest of the low anyway....unfortunately it seems to be common practice among some profile vendors here..sad)

    I wonder what could be so magical/custom in profile made with a single sm57 and Mesa cab? :S

    Stay Metal!

    nothing, miking skills and room etc have no effect,
    that's why Andy Sneap's guitar tones for example sound exactly like some [insert internet kid]'s guitar tones..after all they're both using a 5150 and mesa, mic'd with 57, right?
    that was sarcasm btw ;)

    But I'm actually surprised that you ask that question, after all you're creating profiles yourself.
    if it's just the cab and mic, all the mesa+57 profiles on Rig Exchange would sound the same...but obviously they don't.

    Or would you really say that your mesa+57 profiles sound the same as any other mesa+57 profiles out there? Maybe you should use that to advertise your product "buy my profiles, they sound exactly like all the free mesa+57 profiles out there, cause after all there's nothing special about miking a v30 with a 57"... :P
    You should know better

    Hi Lasse/ALL

    Lasse thanks for this, ill pick this up, would you ever offer a service to get a decent 9 string sound (sent to you via reamping of cause)
    For example, i have a 9 string (not active , i cant stand those) would i be able to send you some reamping files and say this is for clean
    this is for distortion etc and would you be able to make a profile ? if so how much my friend?

    can be what ever amps you think would go well


    hey mate,
    yeah, big part of my job.
    it's actually how I usually sell profiles, one-off custom tailored only....people here will hate the pricing though:).
    But I will respond to this in detail later as well


    Quote from mightypudge

    You are welcome to spend whatever you like on profiles. $50. $100. $5000. I don't care. It's your money and you are free to do with it what you please. However I do remember a recent post by another commercial profiler who was called out for charging too much, and it was way less than $50 for a single profile. Some consistency would be nice. Or do we give a free pass to certain profilers?

    Consistency: well, not every car manufacturer sells their cars for the same price. Everyone needs to calculate for themselves what amount of gear, time and knowledge goes into creating a product and then adjust the price accordingly.
    but I agree, most profiles (actually all of them) are being sold way too cheap.

    but I can see that...I guess if you're not Coca Cola, trying to make a living selling cans and bottles of pop, you can afford selling the recipe for the beverage out of your mom's basement on the Internet.
    I'll gladly go more into detail when I'm sitting at my computer later, but to summarize it and stick with the coke analogy...this is how it DOESN't work:

    client: "I want a can of coke, please"

    CC: "that'll be 1$"

    client: "hm, I can't afford 1$ right now, but I really want a coke and nothing else, no substitute/compromise"

    CC: "fair enough, here's the original recipe and all the ingredients, so you can make your own coke this time and all future times...that'll be 10 cents, thank you"

    I think it's easy to see that that would be a rather stupid move on CC's part, right ?

    but as I said, I'll explain the pricing policy a bit more detailed later. I'm always happy to respond to serious questions. I just choose to ignore questions like "that's a joke, must be a joke"...if someone asks me how I came up with that number I'm happy to explain, and will do so later.

    Quote from mightypudge

    What I took issue with was the tone of the original post. Coming on this forum - where we are accustomed to a much more moderate tone - with a post like that is just not necessary. I much prefer a more moderate, user friendly tone. And yes, I'm speaking for the "pathetic little twats" that might consider this profile to be too high an investment.

    Well, now that's a point I could understand.
    it's a copy/paste from my yt channel/FB though, people there are used to a rougher tone with a little *wink* and understand sarcasm. Probably mainly cause they know me/my style of posting.
    To be honest I didn't think anyone would take it that seriously or even get offended by that.
    if that's the case, sorry about that.
    it wasn't my intention to offend you, but it's the Internet, it's gonna happen if you don't know the person who says something well enough to understand how they meant it (same ist true outside the Internet of course).

    Quote from metalmike

    bla bla bla

    yeah mate, I think we've established already that I'm the devil and the price I put on my own work is the worst thing that has ever happened to you, you have every reason to be absolutely SHOULD be personally offended by what I charge for my work. dare I??!!

    i don't have the time or nerve to keep feeding your so very reasonable anger though.

    ...but you feel free to keep bumping this thread...creates interest in my auction after all :*

    Quote from metalmike

    So you mean that with no other tweaks this profile is 100% ready for reamping and live use, too? So mix-ready profiles can also be live-ready profiles? It's the first time i read someone here claim this.

    well, have a look at Accept, Saxon, Amon amarth, Trivium, Hell, Carcass, Whitechapel etc...they're using the studio profiles live.
    Despised Icon, Ole Drake etc are using my studio profiles live as well (among MANY others), and so do I...maybe that's what seperates a good profile ftom a not so good one...I don't know, I'm not using other people's profiles.
    I'm using mine live and in the studio without any issues.

    Quote from metalmike

    And how can we decide if this is the tone we like? From a youtube video? And how about the feeling in hands while playing? Most commercial profile sellers give some free profiles from commercial packs for testing.

    well, I don't.
    like I said multiple times...if you don't think it's worth 50$ just don't buy it, it's really that simple, just stop wasting our time with argueing, just use other profiles and move really is that simple

    Quote from metalmike

    You still haven't answered clearly the question about this, is this a merged profile? There are 3 types of kemper profiles, studio, direct amp and merged. Do you know the difference between them? If not you better find it out.

    Yes, I do know the difference...
    I've clearly stated that it's a direct profile of the Diezel VH4 and a Mesa 4x12 cab.
    which becomes a "merged" profile as soon as you hit the "merge cab" button.
    If it would be a "studio profile" I'd not have said that it's a direct profile of the amp with a Mesa 4x12 cab...

    I find it puzzling and irritating that the amount of money I choose to charge for MY work excites you so much that you decide to go out of your way and keep arguing.
    if 50$ is too much for you, just move on...simple as that.

    That's all I have to say about it really, I'd rather spend my time talking to the people who are genuinly interested.
    Have a nice day

    Well, no joke and all the infos you asked for are in the description.

    this is about 10% of what I charge (and get) for a true one-off custom profile.
    not forcing anyone to buy, if you think it's too expensive.
    Btw, I charge about 300€ for an album reamping (which is still cheap), if this is THE sound you want, this 50$ profile replaces that reamping job and all future reampings a AND gives the client a profile to use live.

    if you don't wanna fanny about with four million tones but are just looking for this one sound, 50$ is rather cheap if it gets you to the tone you like.
    but like I need to complain about the price, there are still loads of options for you if you feel that your tone or my work isn't worth 50 bucks.

    I hope that concludes the questions about the pricing.

    if you want any other info, feel free to ask and I'll reply as soon and detailed as possible

    cab is of course included and can be used with any preexisting amp profiles (it's in the description though).