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    Hi All, I am trying to program morphing to work by using Midi, CC#11 and nothing happens.

    I have the Stage (I started with the lunchbox, moved to rack, then to stage).

    I am on the latest public beta 8.0.21815B

    Anyone having the same issue?

    I have 4 basic tones:
    Hard rock Marshall with humbuckers
    Low gain crunch with humbucker split
    Clean tone with humbucker split
    Ultra clean tone with neck humbucker split

    I go from Twisted Sister to KC and The Sunshine Band to Duran Duran all night.

    The thing that changes for me is effects.
    I have the amen4 basic core tones, but have performance banks for different songs that require more detailed tones.

    Like Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz- I do the flange part before the solo and have a rig dedicated for that song.
    Or U2 Streets Have No Name with the delay.

    That’s awesome to hear from you Mike!

    I have done the same recently-

    I use your 72 Marshall for my rock stuff, and that new 3rd power CSR just really got me teetering on replacing the Marshall just to switch things up.

    The Colonial also replaced my single coil clean and dirt tones from the /13 tones I have been using for a few years recently.

    Regardless, I wouldn’t use anything other than your profiles live!

    Thanks again!


    My sound man loves me!
    Always has my XLR waiting for me on stage and he’s done!
    Has to fiddle with miking my other guitarists 4X12 cab.
    I just go direct to FOH and get a feed through monitors.
    Load in and load out has never been so easy, just my rack, Remote, and guitar!

    I overheard him at the last gig explaining to my drummer that my tone cuts through way better than my co-guitarist, because he was complaining of not being able to hear him and asked the sound man to turn him up.
    He said it was not a volume issue, we are both at the same volumes but my tone just cuts in the the mix better.
    Thanks MBritt!

    The GR-55 was so much more intuitive for a guitar player, but I didn’t use the guitar tones so combined with the clunky 13 pin cable it forced me to switch.

    I had to recreate all of my tones when I switched, what a pain!
    But the wireless functionality, much better tracking, and improved synth tones were well worth it.

    • You set up mono or poly on the Triple Play software, but you need the FC-1 to use it with a hardware synth.
    • Then setup what you want to achieve on the Motif as well.

    I would recommend a used Motif es over anything Roland.
    They go for around $300-400 on eBay or better yet local craigslist.

    I have a 4 space rack that houses Kemper and Motif and it is so perfect.

    I also use a Truple Play with my Kemper.
    I am a Roland convert, having used a GR-55 for a few years before the switch 2 years ago.

    I am an exclusively live player, no studio work at this time.

    Are you using this Live or in studio?

    I tried other ways but for me the FC-1 is the only way to achieve what I wanted since I only use hardware synths (Yamaha Motif XS rack).

    For me, I use poly mode on some patches, and mono on others, depending on what I need for the patch.

    Nice to see another synth cohort here!

    I agree.

    I have been using performance mode live with the remote for over a year and I don’t like that I can’t see which amps I am using individually very well.

    The problem is that if I use a performance bank for each song as intended, the slow load time changing performance’s kills the feature.

    I have almost 50 songs that need individual settings.
    So while I could do it, if I need to get from song 5 to say 49, it takes forever!

    I can’t always remember which patch is where as well in each performance.
    Not being able to see which one is which is a problem.
    I really have to think and remember which slot is where while I’m playing and it is not ideal in a live setting.
    I try to always use the same layout, for example main rythym sound in slot 1, solo in slot 2, etc.
    But not all songs are the same.

    I have slightly different needs because I do use a synthesizer with my guitar and I have to use a lot of different tones in a regular gig.

    But I though the remote was going to be the “stage octopus “ when I bought it based on what was being said and it just hasn’t evolved at all from a very basic channel switcher.

    I have been waiting for MIDI CC”s at the very least and don’t even think that will happen at this point.

    It’s just too large for the limited useage that it has in its current state.

    I love the ease of it with the Kemper, and the one cable tidiness, but am always on the search for something else that will work better for my needs.

    Bummer, but for all you know, the performance would have seemed seamless to the crowd. Having high standards is good, more power to you and your band!

    The G10 sounds better and better all the time. I'm wondering if I should pick up one, except I have a lot of Bluetooth stuff in the studio (all these mice and pads and keyboards and there's a Triple Play too). They can be found for a good price of about $200, which seems reasonable.

    I have been using a G10 Live and at home and rehearsal with a Triple Play and there have been no problems whatsoever.
    Very happy with the G10!
    Previously had a G30, then G50.