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    Hi everybody,

    My Kemper is not starting anymore :(

    i heard a click noise when turning the chickenhead button. it seems like a blown fuse.
    i tried a new power cord in a new socket but the screen remains dark as if there's no power at all.
    i remember reading somewhere that the kemper has an overload protection and i need to wait some time for it to switch on.
    Not sure if the information is right.

    Can somebody confirm if it's right or if there is a fuse i can check please?

    I personally noticed it on both monitor and main output.
    First time I noticed the issue was while band rehursal when I plugged monitor output to loop return of a solid state Marshall mg100dfx with cab off on monitor output.
    it also happened while plugged main output in my studio monitors.
    i have pure cabinet set at 5 even if I use cab off on monitor output. I wonder if i should maybe switch pure cab off when using amp and guitar speaker for monitoring?
    i also noticed the issue when plugged in my matrix amp with frfr speakers.
    So far I have not been able to constantly reproduce the issue.

    Hi guys,
    i've noticed an issue with my KPA that sometimes the output volume will go down and i can hear cracks and cuts in the sound as if the output had a bad connection!
    it happens once in a while when i'm playing and i can't seem to consistently reproduce the issue. it just happens randomly!

    i'm using firmware 3.2.1 but it was happening even before i update to 3.2. Just in case it matters i'm switching rigs with a midi pedal.

    Has anybody had this issue?

    Correct. I've played them through all of my guitars (52 RI Tele, American Strat with SSL-1's, Ernie Ball Axis Sport MM90, Gretsch w/TV Jones, privately made cedar Raeven w/Alternative 8 & Gibson Burstbuckers, etc) to see how well rounded they were and more than half made my Favourites folder.

    BTW, he did release a free Acoustic version a while ago that was the best I've heard before these. The newer ones (there are 3 newer ones) has one that is better, as it's fuller, more real sounding, less piazo tinny, if you know what I mean, which is how most Acoustic profiles sound to me.

    He profiled between Thanksgiving and mid-December.

    I have 113 of them, but I don't think all were meant for final release.

    Some very nice guitars you have there man :thumbup:

    I've played them also and only a few were usable for me. The acoustic rig is really good. Most have that high freq Axe sound.

    I would not buy them if they were for sale... But then again that's just me. YMMV

    the profiles you tested are the 15 old ones that he made 10 months ago, he never released the second batch to anyone but db9091 and me.

    @ db9091, as I understand, he asked you to beta test his new profiles?"

    i would advise you to start with your lead rig with volume at noon or lower if output is clipping.
    then balance your rhythm rigs with your lead at gig level.
    i usually set my rhythm rigs about 5db lower than my lead rig on volume to start and then adjust at gig level later with my band at rehearsal.

    if you do it the other way around you will probably be clipping the output when trying to push your lead rig volume.

    These profiles have been made with my Kemper.
    The Youtube video is by Fremen himself. He's the only guy i know here in mauritius getting very good tones out of any gear :)
    He didn't released these new profiles publicly but try to contact him on TGP or send me a PM with your email and i'll ask him to contact you.

    i'm still using the cornford and friedman profiles from his first batch as my main lead patches.
    i did not have the occasion to try the new profiles live with my band but they are amazing and the Jvm profile is actually spot on compared to my marshall Jvm.

    1st is my 2008 chambered LP studio 50's wiring with seymour duncan seth lover unpotted neck pickup and 490r bridge customized with lots of hours of sweat and rust :) and it feedbacks like a dog most of the time :) action so high that nobody want to try play it :) but i'm used to the guitar and i play best on it. It sounds very raw and agressive, i prefer say punchy :)

    2 is a cheesehole LP standard stock modern wiring with 490r neck pickup and 498t bridge pickup very muddy indeed, lack of clarity and definition, i seriously think that this guitar need new pickups.

    3 is my new tokai ls100f completely stock which will soon replace the studio as my main live guitar. In my opinion has the most clarity and definition and the most versatile :)

    It's not a very fair test because the profile was tweak for my LP studio but i wanted to know how they compare with the profile i'm used to. I will do a clean comparison as soon as i find time.

    Thanks for your comments guys :thumbup:

    Most of you seem to prefer the 3rd, i will let others chime in before saying which guitar they are :)

    the profile is a 67 plexi from Darrcooper which i downloaded from the rig exchange with gain quite high which i like a lot and use as my main rythm tone as it reacts very well to my picking dynamics and volume pot :)

    it is a fast recording i did only for my personal reference, i will surely do clean and crunch later.

    sorry for the tuning, i did this in 5 minutes early this morning before going to work.

    volume is on 10 on all pickups.