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    The story is often the same - when you get a new amp (in this case the KPA), it takes a few days until your ears acclimatize to the new sound. I never had this with most of the modellers (and I had a lot of them), they all never had the sound I expected but after working a little with the KPA, I found my "own sound" in a rough version quickly. Till now (over one and a half year), I´m tweaking it in every studio session and every performance till it´s getting perfect. I´m nearly there....
    "It sounds digital to me..." is just a synonymously for dialing in a not optimally rig or worked to little with the amp - the KPA is like a chameleon and can sound however you want, it´s just up to you!

    There is definitly a sound change with the new firmware. :S
    I have my toasterhead since one and a half year and played more than 300 shows with it and in the meantime I know exactly how it normally sounds. I have recognized that the sound change depends at the profiles - some profiles has not changed (the crunch and high gain are sounding equal before and after updating ), but other sounds have now not so much gain as normal and it seems that they have not so much presence than before.
    For example I have a few profiles of my Hughes & Kettner Tube 50, the clean channel of this amp has always a very light distortion so that the sound is real powerful (thats the reason why I like the clean sounds of this amp). We profiled these sounds in a studio and spend two days to make them perfect - the KPA imitated this sound very well - after updating to the new firmware, the sounds are very, very different now, no balls at all, totally flat now and it does not bite anymore. This changes are with the most of my very light distored clean sounds, I´ve tried to dial in more gain and played a little bit with the clean sense, but the result is not the same as the sound was before.
    I can not give any sound examples because I have no time to do A/B recordings at this time but my ears don´t lie - I mainly use these lightly distorted clean sounds and know them very well.
    I have to roll back to 2.0 and hope, that the sounds are then like they were before updating.

    After playing guitar for more than 35 years as a professional musician, the KPA is still the best tool I ever had (and I had them all, the expensive Rocktrons, Line 6s a.s.o...)
    Thank you, Mr. C.K.

    I use the 1.8 Beta. When the Mono Loop is active, there is a clicking noise that sometimes appears for some milliseconds, sounds like a digital distortion or a gate opens for the spot of a moment. All levels are ok, this can not be an effect of driving to much gain in the loop channel - it appears even when there is no sound played. Tried it with the Stereo Loop function, same behavior. Set the loop an all different locations (A, B, C, D, X, Mod), tried different profiles - the clicking noise is always present, sometimes even louder as the signal. If Delay is active, the clicking noise is delayed.
    Anyone else?

    Wouldn´t it be nice, if the KPA has a control knob to adjust the level of the monitor out? I amplify my KPA with active PA monitors which have their controls on the back, which is for live use not so handy. With a "Monitor Out control knob" it would be possible to make a own mix of the stage level which not depends to the outlevel to the FOH with only one movement of the hand. A good place for this control knob would be the "Noisegate button" on the upper left - once you have adjusted the noisegate you don´t need this knob anymore, so it would be free for the monitor out level....

    Other things: Please fix the CC#27 (Delay Mix), it´s even important for live use. And a pitch shifter would be cool....

    It shouldn´t be a big thing for the developers and software engineers

    to adress the CC#27, it´s already done for a lot of other control numbers (e.q. CC#7 - Volume or CC#1 - Wah), maybe it just depends on that they have forgotten to integrate it to the software. Or isn´t that so easy? :?: Perhaps the developing teams do not recognize the importance of this kind of control for live use.

    Hi to all,
    happy to get the new OS 1.0.9 Public Beta with some new features, but the CC#27 (Delay Mix) still doesn´t work.
    It´s impossible to preset the right delay level at home because the sound depends very much on the room you perform (eq. Church or little stage/room), so I just to adjust the Delay Mix with my old Rocktron Prophesy II in live situations via the floorboard. Very sad that the KPA still can´t give me that feature. CC#26 (Delay on/off) works, but for this kind of usage (mix the level by the footcontrol) it´s not helpful.
    Any ideas how to handle this problem? I thought about setting a extern delay unit in the loop and control it´s level via midi, but on the other hand I find it dumb to take an external delay because the KPA has one integrated. So I strongly hope that the CC#27 will work in nearest future.