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    I am using SPDIF , output 5 , 6 and 5+6 for recording , two mono outputs for main out ,plus monitor output for my real amp and cab .
    When I engage all of them in the same time , studio PC monitors, QSC's and Mesa cab it sound astonishing !
    All of 3 sounds are good on its own way , but still different to each other , which is normal .

    Recording sound with SPDIF is the best , I've tried analogue , mic ,etc, but SPDIF simoly blew all the rest of recording setups away.

    I am using Scarlet as well , btw .
    Scarlet is fantastic sound card for given price , and its going very well with Logic .

    Hi Fero,
    Very nice idea to profile pedals , some amazing sounds right there !
    Per example , I have rea l BB preamp, and comparing to your BB you nailed it 100% .
    Just one question :
    I noticed that on most of pedal profiles post EQ ( in Xslot) is on maximum of volume .
    Without that EQ , I must tweak few Kemper buttons a bit in a manner to get the sound I like.

    Curiosity wise, what was the need to go that "post EQ" way ?

    Looks like a great product , but I am absolutely not impressed with sound .

    I'll give you one example:

    Yesterday , I dive into TAF Fargain profiles again , meaning I was playing Fargen amps all day long.

    No way any modeller could get even close to this organic natural sounds .

    And what if Andy (yes Andy ,do that please ) do the Fargen profiling again , this time even better ?

    That's mean that TAF Fargain profiles will be even more organic and real .

    And where is the limit in this Kemper business ?

    No limit, it is just up to better and better profiling sessions , it is not up to Kemper device it self .

    I do not agree .
    There is dozen if not more of profiles of amps other than Fender which are ,to my ear, 100% like an original miced valve amp .
    Played through real amp head and real cabinet , they are even more than 100% (if that's possible) like a real amp .

    That is why I own Kemper , and will never sell it period!

    But no any Fender amp profile is even close to that (ok, as I said, there are lots of good ones, but not jaw drop ones)

    What is a problem in profiling Fender amps and catching that specific sparkle ?

    This is the right question and our focus ,instead to defend something which cannot be defended.

    Lots of very good Fender profiles .....
    ...but really great Fender profile with that famous "Fender Sparkle " (as OP mentioned very well) still has to come .

    I think this is still an open challenge .

    C'mmon guys , nail it once for ever !

    The best way is to buy the guitar which will stay in tune after few songs , actually after quite a few songs.

    That automatic tuner is probably the most stupid and worst invention of all times.

    The new Gibson management is doing very bad work , trying to increase profit by introducing very cheap materials , no quality control , huge tuning issues ,all in all completely sub-standard guitars .

    In the same time they are shamelessly expensive for given quality .

    Such a business strategy is killing Gibson/Les Paul brand name slowly but surely .

    Do not take me wrong , but no any well informed guitarist will spend such a money on such a bad quality guitar, since there are "million" of other brands ,cheaper but better.

    Just 2 kilometres from my house I have the biggest Gibson dealer shop in Africa , keeping 20-40 Gibson guitars at any moment .
    I tried them all ! Tried to tune them to set up them to took the best out of them-no luck , it is simply dead and wet piece of wood , not even close to be named as MUSICAL instrument.
    (those are mainly 2014 and 2015 guitars)

    Conclusion : the new Gibson CEO should be fired with immediately effect , in opposite , Gibson made in China will be much better solution in 2016 ,or the latest off in 2017 .

    The End.

    Some people will never understand what Kemper Profiler really is.
    Profiler - that what it is .
    So it is not about new Kemper 2 or 3 , it is about new and better profiling .

    But ,it seems that new digital generation will always wait for the next updates and "app" solutions instead to work on their music and guitar education .

    It looks like a better and better equipment , now updated on almost daily basis , just killing the music and guitar skills instead to improve it ...

    I am playing Kemper toaster version through 50 W hand wired amp via Receive input (Jean Pierre Le Roux Amplification made in SA) and through 2x12 Mesa cab, 160 w .

    I can broke all my windows and part of the wall in my studio when played only on half volume on Kemper and say 50-60% % volume on the amp.

    Never tried 100 % volume on both , since I will probably demolish the rest of my house including my old ears.

    During a rehearsal gigs in my garage I play maybe on 70-80 % of amp volume, because of very nasty drummer 8o , while Kemper is still on 50 % .

    Something is badly wrong with your set up.
    Check out the routings and Kemper output pages very carefully on the first place (assuming that amp of yours is OK)

    Or it was another source ,different than RE ? I am not sure ...I know I have them all from Tony ,on my Kemper....(anyone help ? )
    I like him , he was one of the first Internet warrior , debunking axe artificial ,plastic tone at the time, versus organic Kemper sounds .
    Stupid and arrogant axe owner insulted Tony on primitive and rude way ....
    Very ugly episode from ugly axe history ....

    Now they learned things or two and keep quiet,while stopped insulting people .
    But , I will never forget that ugly episode and never buy axe even if someone give it to me for free .
    Not because of axe, but because of stupid arrogance one can tell such a things to anyone ,it is bellow human kind standards ...

    Check out Tony McKenzie , Satriani Marshal Profile, it used to be free profile on RE ....
    but then you need the right guitar /pick ups ..a little bit of compressor for making sustain/feedback etc..
    He (Tony) was one of the first guys , if not the first who put Dumble (ok, clone) on RE , but still sound fantastic .
    Tony's profiles are probably the most underrated ones on RE ....and my favourites for certain songs....
    good luck !

    Hi Tilman ,
    Congrats on new product and sorry for changing a subject, but while you are here , one (two) question(s) :
    -which camplifier is best suited for Mesa Boogie horizontal cab , 2x12 , 8 ohm , peak power 120 W ?
    -which camplifier is best suited for standard 1960A Marshall 4x12 cab , 300 W?
    I wish if it may be one Camplifier size , not two of them 8)
    Thanks !
    we may switch on PM to do not disturb your thread.

    50 W and 15 W hand wired tube amp (Jean Pierre Le Roux , made in South Africa ) 2x12 mesa Cab , 1x12 Green Back cab, BB preamp , 2 compressors (one Boss one Kelly's) , Kelly moded Wah and OD ,plus classic Boss Octaver .
    This is what I use with Kemper-but hang on - I am using it ONLY with few profiles, being PW Softegg's (Blues Driver to be specific !!!!) on the first place , and then few others .

    No real amp or Kemper profile can beat this tone, at least that I am aware of , please correct my own taste :P .

    With all of the rest of profiles , I use ONLY Kemper , it seems to be enough .

    So , I need more PW Sovtek profiles, that's all, except thinking to by a real Sovtek amp .

    This might be because , in my case , MUSIC is on the first place, playing guitar on intuitive way come second , then guitars them selves come next and only then amps and digital toys on the last , but not least .

    If one think too much ,one might miss all of the above and start to think that Kemper is a purpose ,instead of Music and Playing Guitar.

    Kemper is a toy , a fricking good toy , I mean the best digital toy out there to be precise. :thumbup: , but no more and no less.

    No, actually it's your brain that's making up the final picture and is the judge in the end
    From a physiological POV. ;)

    Of course it is my brain , and my soul and my EAR in this case.
    In opposite it will be somebody else , or very average Joe who believe in mainstream shit :D
    In other words who is that entity telling me I am not me , ie I am wrong in what I like and what I do not like ???? :D

    Nice clip and playing.
    It may sound different in mix and with live band , but like a standalone is little bit too much of everything (do not take me wrong)

    Try to put Pure Booster in Pre stack , as earlier as possible , and set PB Volume down, until it becomes more warmer tone .
    It looks like a Definition is on max ,though ...
    Also. lower your pick up height , I've done it to all of my powerful guitars, and your is powerful without any doubt...

    Then, once you get everything down and warmer , put PB in X slot and add some Volume on it, it will cut the mix , but in much more cultivate manner.

    This is what I've done with most of free free MW profiles, they are a little bit too much defined on high side ...for my taste.

    This is all about taste, and everyone's taste is different ,please take my advices with some grain of salt.
    Thanks again for sharing !