Stereo Delay RIG

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    Hello Kemper Forum! I'm new here and I need your help. I'm desperately trying to program the stereo delay or the sound of the song: Entre dos tierras by Héroes del Silencio and can't get it. Can anyone of you make a RIG or give me parameter tips? I thank you in advance. Greetings Markus
  • These are my settings for the first chords of the song:

    Rig tempo: 166 bpm


    NoteValue 1 8/16 (1/2) Tempo sync

    NoteValue 2 4/16 (1/4)

    Feedback 15%

    Mix 100/100%

    Stereo 100%

    i use it in a clean ADA MP1 profile from bighairyprofiles. Hope you like it. If you had more tricky profiles from this band don't forget to share it. Now i'm focused on the sound of Avalancha album. Bob Ezrin nailed it!