New Product: Kemper Kombo

  • An all in one 1x12 (or similar) cabinet with a built in powered head or similar config...

    What a great idea! (You’re welcome... :) )

    Seriously, and maybe have it work with any standard MIDI foot controller, as well as the Remote.

    Actually, I suppose I could build a 1x12 cabinet, with a space for a Kemper Rack and mounting rails... Hmmm... need to think about this a bit...

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  • Actually.....

    I've purchased a new amp that I've been having a blast with.

    It's the BluGuitar Amp-1 Iridium edition; and I've paired that with their Nanocab product which houses a 12" speaker, yet is incredibly small, not much larger than the actual speaker. If you are not familiar with the BluGuitar Amp-1 series, you should check it out. It basically is a "pedalboard" amp that uses a Class D power section with a real Russian technology nanotube incorporated into it. The tube is not in the pre-amp, it's incorporated into the power section. Thomas Blug is a genius, and really knows tone.

    He is also from Germany.

    Kemper is also in Germany.

    Thomas has an incredible 1x12 cab, which must be the smallest 1x12 on the planet yet sounds fantastic. He also has a groundbreaking 100w amp using a nanotube that fits on a pedalboard.

    Kemper has the best sounding tube emulations on the planet. I've also heard that when you run your Kemper into a tube power supply, it sounds phenomenal.

    What if......

    These two German companies got tipsy together one night and had a love child.

    A small pedalboard amp using Thomas's Class D nanotube technology combined with the ability to play Kemper profiles. If they were able to replace the speaker in the Nanocab with the new Kemper Kone, I think that combination could possibly rule the world.

    You would end up with a highly portable, yet extremely loud/powerful amp. By not making it a combo, you could just travel with the pedalboard part, and plug into real cabs if available, really lightening the load (of course you would then had to disable the cabs in the profile).

    Ok....I'll put my wine down now....clearly I must have had too much....or have I? Is that just an insane idea, or an insanely good idea. LOL...


    Todd in Chicago