• Hello just want to start off by welcoming myself to the Kemper family lol.

    So I have the powered Kemper head but I'm having trouble understanding how to gain stage correctly.

    First off if I'm using a mono cab alone I know to go to output and then switch to "live with w/ cab" but when I play in a rehearsal or live setting, sometimes I have to crank the output to like -15 db even -14 db which technically speaking exceeds the a normal threshold especially if going via PA. Is this normal? Am I going over limit if just using cab?

    If i'm going through PA (mono output setting) I'm at around -27 or -28 or so db.

    Now what about if I decide to go both cab and PA, how do you separate the output between going through cab and PA?

  • If by Mono cab alone you mean "Monitor Out" then yes, its perfectly normal to run that higher than the Main outs going direct to PA.

    In the Output screens make sure the Master Volume link for Main Out is unlinked and Monitor Out is linked. You can now use your Master vol to control just the Monitor Out to your cab.