Extended networking features and wiring for next-gen Kemper/Remote

  • There are a few functions that could be added to the network-connection in order to further reduce clutter:

    1. Audio: Use Dante or AVB as transport for audio to/from connectors on the remote (guitar input, FX-send, FX-return, AUX-in etc). Whether an analog FX-loop via the remote is feasible may be questionable even though modern audio over ethernet operates in sub 1ms latency. The analog loop adds extra D->A and A->D conversions which may result in too much latency.
    2. MIDI: Midi In/Out/Through-connectors on the remote. Could be configurable either parallel or separate from the connectors on the main unit.

    Additionally there could be more options added network-wise if the KPA and remote could co-exist with other hosts on a LAN. This would open the possibility for applications on computers, tablets and smartphones (editors, preset/library management etc) to interact directly with the unit(s) with no extra USB or other cables. I'm aware that the remote require PoE, but to add a switching-chip with a second Ethernet interface to the KPA's design shouldn't make it much more expensive.

    Finally I'd like to emphasise that balanced audio-connections and locking connectors should be used wherever possible. For 1/4"-jacks and DIN (midi) there are alternatives, but rarely seen and too uncommon IMHO. Power and network should OTOH be locking in the form of power-twist/locking-IEC and EtherCON. In complex pre-mounted racks with lots of gear you want to make sure that cables don't just pop out in transport or handling. For monitoring there should be balanced outputs (XLR) in addition to the existing 1/4" outputs.

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