Stereo rigs - anyone tried a wet/dry setup?

  • Hi all, has anyone tried and would recommend configuring a stereo Kemper rig as a wet/dry setup rather than traditional stereo?

    I'm thinking of for example sending Direct Out (set to Pre Effects) into one FRFR cab for pure dry sound, and Monitor Out (set to Master Mono) into the other FRFR for wet.


  • I've tried it at home with stereo wet/mono dry. Wet/stereo via SPDIF to studio Monitors (Adam A5X), dry/mono via monitor out to CLR. Well, it works and sounds good. The only disadvantage at my home is, that there's no possibility to place the CLR in the middle between the two studio monitors. Anyway, it should work like you have it in mind. But to my understanding your setup has nothing to do with what we know as stereo. The KPA provides stereo only via the post stack effects. As you'll route these effects to only one monitor, it won't be real stereo.

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