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Agreed. My issues were with knob functionality, screw threading, tremolo wiring being positioned incorrectly and so on. The wood shaping, fretboards and necks were excellent for the price. The problems obviously related to human proficiency in affixing things to the bodies. Oh, and I had an '89 who's machine heads were mounted all wonky! You could see it from the other side of a room - it was terribly obvious. Some heads were 2-3mm apart when set "flat", whilst others were 7-8mm apart. The wholesaler said it had never seen such a thing! It was a 6-year ordeal, from the Variax 700 through to the '69, but I'm grateful I finally found something that worked properly. Shipping delays for parts and replacement guitars were why it took so long. Cheers bud.

JTV-69 here too, Wolfie. I too had a '59, but it had too many issues I couldn't fix. The '69 had, I think, 14 issues, all of which I fixed, and in the end it chimed and played very well. Use it for the esoteric models too, mainly acoustic.

They are greatly crafted guitars. I never had an issue with my 69.I had a 59 which was also great (had a faulty piezo which the UK service mended in no time).,which I sold as I kept playing only my 69 (Strat guy). But I only use the modelling for my acoustic sounds. I did change the pups for Joe Bardens & it is without a doubt my goto live guitar.

Hello you play a jtv59 are you satisfied, i m also a jtv user

Hi, I just have a JTV-69 anymore, I had 59 as well, but mostly used the 69 and decided to sell the 59 - I have a couple of other very nice guitars, but the 69 is my goto guitar. It plays and feels just right and is so versatile. I changed the pups for Joe Barden's for the Neck and Middle pup and left the original pup for the Bridge. I use the modelling only for the acoustic sounds and the pups for the electric sounds. The 69 just feels right for me :D

if you´re interested in acoustic sounds maybe this could be for you…6231#post246231

Cheers, I'll check it out - I've got 2 really good acoustic profiles off RM, which I slightly tweaked for my needs. The names escape me at the moment (will look them up once I'm with my KPA & let you know if you're interested.

Hi vjclaus, found the 2 acoustic profiles which I use with my JTV-69 - the first one is called:'Taylor 114 CE 2', the other one (my goto acoustic profile) is called 'JR Shertler Unico Ac' ... I slightly tweaked the output volume & compressor settings on both profiles ... they are great in use with the Martin D-28 model.