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Hey thanks for the response! Any idea why the copy n paste did not work 100% of the time in the right side of the Rig manager? In the 'Inspector part you can grab one slot in your rig -say I want to just grab the clean amp and it's settings in button 3 and take it to another Rig to put it there. Sometimes it would drop in (carefully placed) other times it would bounce and disappear.



Hello Don,

I don't really use Copy and Paste for much. But if I understand what you're describing you want two similar, but not exact copies of the same rig in a performance? The way I would get there is to drag the same rig (from a second window as I had described) into whatever two slots in my performance. Then just edit them however necessary. For me, I've just found drag and drop seems a bit more consistent than copy/paste.

There really is no right or best way. I've been using the Kemper since 2012 and that's just the way I found to get around. Rig Manager gets better, but I find it still has some quirkiness and not everything will always work exactly as expected. Especially with performances (there are lots of forum discussions on this). But I'm sure it will continue to improve.