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    Sound wise as in the sounds are better or it's easier for you to find a good sound vs finding profiles?

    Honestly for me, both. I think it sounds and feels a lot better with a guitar in my hands then my Kemper has for me over the past year. And the stock settings on amps get you pretty close in the ballpark and then I dial it in from there. I just think I spend too much time trying to find profiles I like and while you can tweak a ton of settings with Fractal, it’s still easy enough to adjust the basic settings and get a good tone pretty quickly.

    I think the physical size and the spacing of the foot switches kinda tells you it’s not the best option for live. Anyone other than Yosemite Sam is gonna be hitting wrong switches at some point. It’s gonna need some type of remote for guys and gals who do any tap dancing with patches.

    Dude, the buttons are no further apart than the smaller helix and stomps that people use just fine.

    Again, by no means am I a NDSP fanboy but some of the “cons” or “complaints” that keep being mentioned here are so trivial or yet to actually be seen. Much to make out of nothing.

    After playing around with an FM3 for a week, where’s the Fractal whining thread because that little unit is quite good for $999.

    Man, I've been away since my last comment on Monday.

    This Kemper forum (or at least some in this thread) are some of the most sad people I've ever interacted with on the internet.

    There's pretty much nowhere to go have a discussion anyone without right and left wing extremists defending their purchase...not to mention cancel culture.

    I own a Kemper. And a Fractal. And soon a QC. I'll decide for myself which is best. I'll probably keep one of the older products that has been vetted, but as a platform, QC has a lot of up side if the basics are right.

    Anyways, carry on with all the hurt feelings about Kemper superiority and insecurities about a new product.

    I'm actually interested to see how Fractal improves on already awesome tones with their new software update.

    I have a Kemper and I love how Kemper owners here want this thing to fail solely based on some message board conversations and YouTube demos.

    Competition is a good thing, and if the Kemper truly is superior, time will tell and it will win out.

    This is why we can't have nice things because everyone has pick their product to own and defend their purchase. How about just enjoy what you have. Actually, I have an FM3 here to play with too and still have a QC preordered so for me whichever is best for my situation I'll keep, the rest get sold. It's pretty simple.

    I own a Kemper and was just playing it. You've got some bad facts in your reasons but that won't change why you won't buy it...but...

    2 - They said they will change this and allow you to remove and/or save the presets as different edited versions.

    3 - They fixed this from the video...but keep in mind changing "PRESETS" on any modeler has the gap. I think you need to understand what "SCENE" mode is because this is exactly how Helix, etc. do it to not have the gap. It's not a QC issue, it's all modelers.

    I assume you make a capture of the amp without the speaker and then match it in the chain with a IR...

    Exactly...the amp or capture is separate from the IR (cab). The QC can't try to "remove" the cab from a capture like Kemper so you would do a amp only capture with a loadbox or similar device, then add an IR in the QC.

    Damn, this forum is becoming as toxic as Neural DSP forums arguing which is a better tool.

    The reality is competition is good for everyone involved. In the meantime, carry on defending whichever unit you have and/or want

    I'll be owning both.

    In fairness, the Kemper has had 10 years to get their effects to where they are now and whatnot. I’m sure on time the QC will be comparable when they finally release all the software updates down the road. I still feel they are rushing it out without it being fully featured to satisfy people.

    There will be an editor within months of release...according to Neural. Again, remember how long we waited for a Kemper editor?

    In Rig Manager go to the menu "Tools / Backup Rig Manager Content". This will create a backup file in a location of your choice. Copy this backup file to your new machine and in Rig Manager on the new machine, go to "Tools / Restore Rig Manager Content" and choose the backup file to restore (import).

    Cool so I only need to move this library backup file...none of the folders or anything?

    guitarguy316 it must be pretty new and in high demand (just about everyone is sold out and there are no used). Did it just come out this year? What is new from t he v-1?

    I owned the very popular Waza TAE, but it makes you use cab setting on the front that do not sound anything like my real cab.

    No, they've been out for a number of years, maybe 5 years or so. Fryette's plant closed earlier this year due to the Pandemic and just reopened in August. I think they're handmade so maybe they can't keep up with demand yet since so many people are at home and want things like this to power digital devices or attenuate?

    Guitar Center (MF), American Musical, Zsounds, etc. I don't think Sweetwater is a dealer. There's some smaller non-big box dealers in USA if you check the Fryette site that might have them.

    guitarguy316 I see most are using this as an attenuator, will this be a better solution than the solid state Matrix? I had the 800 many years ago and thought it was ok, but not great.

    It does both so it's a jack of all trades and it's a cool piece of gear to have for your digital modelers as a power amp (heck anything that has an ouput, like a mp3 player, etc.) plus the full loadbox (100% attenuation).