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    Have fun!!
    This was actually the amp I played for years before buying a Kemper. I played it with a Marshall 4x12” 1960V.

    It has a lot of great sounds and with the Midi control it can be used for almost any style.

    But… I used it mostly in the first two channels since the other channels have a lot of gain, to much form my taste.

    thanks for these thoughts. I'm sorry that I did not answer earlier!! right now I'm very busy with electronical problems with machines at my regular job. As soon as I'll find time I'm planning to prepare an electrotechnical/acoustical analysis about this topic. But that will take some time. I don’t want to speculate, so I’ll have to study some theory first to be able to explain it scientifically.

    I use a 2x12" loaded with Kones. That works very well !

    I guess 4x12" would be fun, they move a lot of air ;)

    Just remembering the time when I had the 100W Marshall with the 4x12" V30 cabinet.... 8) was a good feeling!

    If I'll ever play in a Rock band again, I will get a second 2x12" and equip it with my spare Kones to use both of them together.

    I strongly disagree. That might be your experience, some people made others. You wrote:
    "So, anyone that does not get enough volume out of the kabinet for monitoring has either got a setting wrong or is deaf IMO."

    I think that is pretty offensive!! I'm neither deaf nor do I get the settings wrong (I'm electronic engineer with knowledge about electronics and acoustics).

    And I'm not the only one who made this experience as you can read from more than one user!

    Only because it works for you does not mean that it works for others. And if poeple don't agree with ones experiences, there is no need to get offensive.

    I recommend to everybody, try it out yourself. Compare 1x12" Kone with 2x12" Kone and you'll find out what works better for you. I did that several times and in diferent situations and I came to my conclusion. So I would, if a drummer is involved, use 2x Kabinet or a 2x12" loaded with Kones (if you don't connect the Kemper to additional monitors on stage or PA for rehearsal)

    Yup i had a gig not sufficient PA system so we went really loud. Bad smell as mentioned fuzzy sound. Speaker damaged. I go to pick up a second hand one suturday. Got trough the gig on another cab from other band. Sounded different. Was bummed. But you can blow these things. Hahaha.

    with 2x12 Kone you should be able to manage situations like that. I don't trus 1x12 Kone anymore ;)

    Btw. 2x12 sounds better IMO

    For playing live I think 4 FX slots should be enough for 99% of use cases, for me anyway.

    I would not mess the display. Using the smartphone or tablet is much more convenient IMO. So you don't need to bend down with the guitar hanging around your neck.

    The only thing that I would miss is the Looper (support already confirmed that his is not on board). It would be great for traveling purposes, playing in a hotel room with only this unit and a little speaker. Maybe they'll add it with a future upgrade...? There's much about weight and most the competitors do have the looper included.

    It's great though that the unit supports Kone/Kabinet. So you can have a very light, simple, extremely flexible and incredibly good sounding little amp.

    Guess I’ll have to order one. I already own a QuadCortex additional to my Kemper, which is also great, but I still prefer the KEMPER workflow somehow…

    I wanted one and now I have one/ will soon have one

    ... from IK Multimedia

    ... when it's back in stock, it is sold out, right now at Thomann Germany

    IMHO missed opportunity from Kemper.

    Same here, always wished for a mini Kemper. Now I own a Quad Cortex ;)
    There's something interesting happening here in Switzerland
    There's a website where you can buy used things.
    Usually you could find only one or two Kempers there.

    Since Tonex was released there are constantly five to ten Kempers for sale. Interesting...

    Also….How does one create an IR for a technology requiring a special speaker.and is specifically designed to eliminate the one thing an IR requires? That being a microphone to capture the sound. The response part of Impulse Response.

    If it could be done, someone would have, and not just for imprints.

    Didn't you understand what I wrote in my first post?? ;)
    Shall I make a drawing for you?

    That would be a great solution for other modelers that currently can't use the Kabinet....but it depends what the Kabinet is for.

    I think you see it as a separate product, I see it as part of the eco system for Kemper..... so why would Kemper "give away" their tech to make other modelers sound better? They basically give away their USP....but its up to them if they see the additional sales of the Kabinet compensates for reduced sales of the KPA...

    Analogy - Tesla are doing something similar by opening up their Superchargers to non Tesla manufacturers...which is starting to annoy Tesla owners as it was one of the reasons they bought the car - the robust charge network. Nothing more infuriating queuing to charge when a space is taken up by a Volvo...

    You are right, they have to decide which way to go. But it could also be good marketing possibility for Kemper. If somebody buys and likes the Kabinet, he might also try the Kemper.

    If they want to remain in the market, they have to release upgraded devices anyway (soon!!). Kone/Kabinet technology will not be enough to make a difference.

    Anyway, I’m a technician not a salesman, so I prefer thinking about technical solutions 😉

    In fact, you want a Quand Cortex ;):D (if you don't have already one)

    Just ask Neural Dsp to improve it, it'll be faster....

    Just bought a Quad Cortex. And yes… it would be great to have a Kemper which performs like the Quad Cortex.

    Kemper does many things better, but so does QC.

    If there would be a Kemper 2 with “best of both worlds” I wold be very happy !!

    Imagine a Kemper with the processing power and accuracy of the QC but with all the advantages of the Kemper Universe…. Great !!

    Kemper Kone works great, also for Acoustic guitar or Bass guitar. (I’m using several units, Kabinet and Kones in 2x12” Cabinets)

    It would be great if Kemper could release official Impulse Responses for all the imprints, also Linear. So anybody could use the Kone / Kabinet with any digital device, just loading the Kone Impulse Responses.

    It would also be a possibility to improve the power Kabinet with an additional "general input" driven by a small DSP section. There could be a selector for FRFR and all the possible Imprints. This improved power Kabinet could be used with any modeler or acoustic guitar. Even for people who use only effect boards without an amplifier, this could be a great solution.

    I tried it out, the free version with few options.
    Some Amps have digital artefacts or howewer it can be called (if you play very dinamic, you hear like a secong distorted sound when the notes fade out)

    But there is a Fender Princeton Capture in there... wow, I could never in any way get that realistic feel and sparkling sound with the Kemper.

    I checked it with studio monitors but also with: Interface output -> digital power amp -> guitar speaker

    I guess it is really time that Kemper works on new products with more processing power!