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    One of the most important factor as a guitarist and mixing is to stop thinking like a guitarist. I know it's not easy at first. But we guitarists love to hear the guitar(s) loud. Always have reference tracks and compare both mixing wise and how to set individual levels to all tracks.

    Wise man!
    Also when recording i like to record amp and effects separately. So i set master output to DLY/REV Wet, Monitor Out to Stack and direct to git analog (Di just in case). Let's say you use too much reverb while recording - with one track you can't do anything about it. So better way is to adjust effect while mixing or to record dry (without reverb when it's not big part of that sound).
    I'm happy using analog outs more than spdif really :)

    Maybe you use less gain right now? Try boosting signal pre-amp with booster or drive like green drive (tubescreamer alike). Try playing with compression or/and compression in amp menu just to hear whats goin on. Check Paul Gilbert talking about compression here:

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    So issue I have is that when I'm in Performance mode and my kemper unit is connected to Rig Manager running on mac, sometimes I experience crash when changing amp slots. I spot it when after slot change, sound changes as expected however i see no change on Kemper controller nor Kemper unit itself. Still previous bank is highlighted and in this situation i can no longer control anything (go back to previous slot or any other slot, can't control any parameter). Even when I go from Performance to Browse i see no change. After few minutes controller goes black and Kemper Unit mutes. I have to turn it off and back on to make it work. I'm using up to date software (no beta version). Anyone experienced something like that?