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    Formatting USB from Kemper takes literally few seconds - if not miliseconds :)

    But if you read Main Manual 8.5 (page 314) you can find this:

    New USB memory sticks are normally pre-formatted with file system FAT32, which is immediately compatible with the PROFILER. In this case, no further action is needed. If you plug in a USB memory stick pre-formatted with another file system, like NTFS or exFAT, the PROFILER will automatically suggest reformatting the stick with file system FAT32. Be aware that this formatting will delete all data on that stick! Once the formatting is complete, the PROFILER creates the three folders and “USB Stick” appears below soft button 3. Ready!

    Main Manual 8.5 page 151:

    You can review, test and manage your Morphing on this page. The page includes:

    • a complete signal chain reflecting which module is currently setup for Morphing

    • a bar indicating the current state of Morphing

    • soft knob to simulate the Morph Pedal

    • soft button to simulate a button-triggered Morphing (this function can also be assigned to the QUICK button; the PROFILER Stage even has its dedicated MORPH button)

    • the parameters “Rise Time” and “Fall Time”, which are applied if Morphing is triggered via Remote’s or Stage’s Rig Buttons 1-5 or another button

    • “Momentary” option to select whether Morph Sound should latch if triggered via Morph Button (default) or Base Sound should return as soon as the Morph Button gets released

    soft buttons to clear Morphing either for the whole Rig or selectively by module. Please press and hold “Clear Module” followed by the module button, e.g. Module D, that you want to clear

    Google translator says:

    There is a model that says profiler on the top Kemper tab button and a model that says profiling amplifier. What is the difference?

    Not 100% sure but that is probably just different "historical" marketing name.

    Next time use Google translator, I am not sure how many members are fluent in korean language!!!

    Interesting. Hmm, maybe it's not a good idea to get the Stage then? I have no other option other than my Samsung proscusts. Although I was thinking of getting a Chrome book. Would that work?

    I'm kind of anti apple. Lol.

    From the Main Manual 8.5:

    Updates, Backups and Sharing Sounds 312

    Updates, Backups and Sharing Sounds

    The PROFILER operating system should be updated on a regular basis to receive refinements and new features. Operating System Updates Before we lay out the technical steps to perform an update of the PROFILER operating system, let's explain the concept of how the PROFILER software evolves: KEMPER is constantly improving the software in terms of new features, enhanced capabilities, and fixes for known issues. The PROFILER can be updated in two ways:

    • Rig Manager for Windows®* and macOS®* not only automatically manages its own updates, but also suggests and performs updates of the PROFILER OS. This is the best option if your PROFILER is close to a PC or MAC®* with internet access.

    New updates can also be downloaded from the KEMPER download page and installed via USB memory stick. This is convenient if your PROFILER is somewhere without internet access. A USB memory stick can also be used to create PROFILER backups.

    Main Manual is quite clear about this:

    System Settings 274

    System Settings

    Press the SYSTEM button to access the global settings pages. Use the <PAGE> buttons to navigate through the various pages. Global settings do not change when you switch to another Rig.

    ✓ Users of the PROFILER Stage can access pages related to pedal and external switch configurations via the PEDALS button.

    LCD / HW Setup / Brightness / User Interface

    On the LCD / HW Setup page you can control the settings for the display and adjust the “Line Frequency” parameter.

    Press the soft button labeled “Startup Dialog” to enter the menu where you can enter your name and set current time and date. Whenever you create your own PROFILEs, the “Rig Author” tag will default to the Owner Name. The “Startup Dialog” appears automatically when the PROFILER is started for the first time.

    Using the soft button labeled “Edit Owner” you can edit the Owner Name and assign a Device Name to your PROFILER. Assigning unique Device Names is useful if you intend to connect and manage multiple PROFILER units with the Rig Manager application.

    I believe you. It just looks a lot like a speaker to me :)


    Seems like a major design flaw if you cant mic it. What is the point of even having it then? You will need to EQ your profile for the speaker no matter how good it is. So are you going to EQ for FOH then just use different imprints to get it close? That does not sound like typical Kemper design.


    Looking at it real quick it sounds like the Kemper is doing some DSP EQing to what it sends also. So if you were to REW scan it, it should be done thru the Kemper with no amp, EQ, etc.

    From the Main Manual, page 100:

    • Due to its special cone design, the KEMPER Kone speaker is not suitable for close mic‘ing. Use it for personal monitoring only.

    Well, the question is, if a Kemper generated IR of a certain speaker that you might upload in a rig is in any way comparable to the one that is used for the Kemper Kone. May be it is tweaked for this purpose. Then a use of such IR in the signal path for the FOH outputs would make no sense. But if they are the same, what is the problem to offer them to interested users?

    even if it’s tweaked especially for one purpose, I don’t see why we just can’t access it.
    what can works on kone can work more or less on monitors.
    could be great for home use.

    You can put 8 drives with no amp and no cab if you want but I don’t think it ways to way to be used. ;)

    All you are saying is correct only if "Kone speaker imprints" equals "IRs"! And I personally doubt it is. But I am not an expert, so maybe somebody from Kemper Support #1 should comment it.

    ...and that is exactly what goes through FOH. The imprint serve the purpose to give the "amp in the room" feel for monitoring purposes. If you would be using a real amp you hear the amp direct on stage and the public hear the mic'd amp through the FOH (that is very much different from what you hear on stage)

    Yes, but the original request I responded was about something else:

    It would be great to have the Kemper Kone profiles as IRs so you can preview what the outcome will be once you connect the kemper cab and you could have a similar sound coming out of the cab and the FOH speakers.