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    Hi all,

    I’m looking for advice on good virtual cabinets to consider, free or paid. I’m starting to get into experimenting and I’m a little overwhelmed and would like some good starting points. I was hoping to purchase Till’s cab pack and I see his site is being reworked.

    I don’t see a megathread on this and searching for cabinets often yields results for physical cabinets.

    My tastes are relatively simple: 80s hair metal, so we’re talking Greenbacks, V30s, etc. I’m also looking for crunchier rock options, too, if they differ (eg, Kansas, AC/DC, not so saturated sounds). I’m not all that up to speed on speakers in that style.

    If it helps I play through a Headrush 108 at low/medium volumes. I know some of this is a volume issue but I think a lot of it can be solved with better cab pairings.

    Thank you!

    is your sound completely cutting out then coming back?

    In Derik’s video the volume isn’t dropping its more like a phaser swooshing across the frequency range.

    if the volume is cutting out it is almost certainly the power amp protecting itself from overloading.


    i just realised you are using a powered speaker rather than a KPA powered head or rack. In that case, it’s more likely to be an input limiter of some sort on the Headrush.

    The sound is not cutting out, it just drops slightly.

    I’ll test again with studio monitors and try troubleshooting using Burkhard’s tips.

    In the meantime I’m not sure if it’s a limiter - my Kemper is on -25dB on the global volume. Using any profile this happens. For instance the stock Morgan AC20 at these levels. No clipping indication on the Kemper or HR. The HR is between volume 2-3.

    The Headeush

    I am having this issue as well (I have not reviewed your video though).

    Edit: I am not having the same issue as OP. That sounds very different than mine.

    My issue: The volume drops slightly for just a second, every 20 seconds.

    Thought it was my new PA (Headrush FRFR108) but audio from a phone doesn’t so it and the device isn’t clipping. If I get it solved I’ll let you know. I think it’s a recent 7.1.X+ firmware issue, but can’t be certain.

    Hi all,

    edit: it’s the micro pitch. It’s never done this until the 7.1.X update but I could be just now realizing it.

    For the past 3 days I've been troubleshooting volume fluctuations and can't determine if it's the Kemper or my Headrush. It all started when I got the Headrush, but it might be coincidental.

    It's a faint dip in volume for a second and it goes back to normal. This happens every 15-20 seconds or so. Any advice would be helpful. Here's what I've tried:

    - Happens with all guitars, all cables

    - I don't hear it when playing music from my iPhone or iPad through the Headrush

    - I think I hear it when playing through my studio monitors but can't tell if its now placebo.

    - This issue has occurred on all 7.1.X and 7.2.X (except for the latest, haven't installed yet) firmware.


    Hi all,

    7.1.19 has been the stable I’ve ever had the Kemper but I’m just now realizing performances are affected. I am unable to use the foot switch to select a slot.

    For instance, going from 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 stays on 1. The foot switch works in browser mode so I know it’s not hardware.

    Does the new update resolve this or should I wait? I don’t normally jump on the latest stuff but this isn’t going to work well.

    SOLVED: mods feel free to delete or keep. For those of you experiencing this, check your cables!! Had a bad connection that kept slipping out of a jack.

    Hi all,

    Stage user here. I have to be missing something simple, but I can't get my effect loop to send sound to both speakers when engaged. It only outputs to Left.

    I have Send 2 going to the Left Input of a ZOIA. Left and Right outputs from ZOIA into Kemper RETURN 3 & 4. When the effect is disabled in the X Slot, sound passes to both speakers. It works out of both speakers when in the D Slot.

    X Slot settings:

    - Mix 100%

    - Ducking 0

    - Volume 0

    In the top right, Mix: Post

    What am I missing?

    I would like to be able to store and play external samples via the looper. In other words I have intro music that I have to play via another device, I'd love to store and play via the KPA, even if it means converting the files from MP£ to a compatible format..

    Would be great to have an option when a USB is plugged in on looper mode. Eg, select from wav or mp3 files or saved loops, etc.

    I’m very excited about this for competitive reasons. I’m sure CK has ideas for v2 hardware or at minimum how to continue unlocking what I hear is more under the hood of the existing unit. This could drive some urgency there, but I realize they’rea small team with limited bandwidth.

    I’ve played a jumping game - not quite to the degree I see on TGP- from cheap modeling amps to Helix to Kemper. I’m still in the Kemper Stage honeymoon period (purchased around release) and I’m excited to wait the next 8-12 months for this launch and subsequent updates.

    What’s known about Neural effects? I am quite pleased with Kemper’s but like most find ODs / distortion to be lacking. There’s something about hitting a profile with the Pure Booster that’s much nicer than simply increasing profile gain. I don’t have the same comments for the ODs unless an EQ is added, but that then takes up another slot.

    When you perform the calibration, just don't move the pedal all the way to the heel but keep it a little ahead. Leave a little buffer basically. Do the same with the toe in case it rises up slightly when you take your foot off.

    Thank you! Luckily I didn’t need a workaround. Against my normal rules I overtighted the hex screws and the pedal works like new. Good to know this procedure for future reference!