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    Does the Digitech unit provide added sustain?
    (like those Gary Moore infinite fedbacks/sustains)

    Not really - but it will maintain the tone it generates as long as it can hear the note - which can fade considerably relative to the generated tone.

    To generate realistic feedback at bedroom levels - get one of these. Or similar. A hollowbody archtop electric.

    When you want feedback - face the speaker.

    That kind of works but it’s not as good as the Freqout. I put a Freqout in front of my Kemper, works great. I find the Kemper pitch shift will warble in an unpleasant way towards the end of the note’s natural sustain when I use vibrato on it. The Freqout sounds more natural.

    The Freqout is very good - in fact I'd say its a no-brainer pedal for a pedalboard. As always - if you buy a used one - you'll get your money back in the unlikely event it doesn't float your boat.

    The Pete Thorn review video shows how it can be used to make all kinds of cool sounds.

    The model in the Helix is very good too (I've got both to compare), with more variables for triggering the onset of feedback, the note chosen to use for the overtone and the nature of the overtone itself. Its significantly more versatile than the Freqout. Its this which we could replicate in the Kemper (its been posted about before this thread). Solving the warble..... that'd need a pitch block that fixes on a note.... rather than getting distracted by a nearby notes.

    I was also thinking that it would be cool to use morph to change the overtone in real time ;). Good idea though. Morph would bring a really amazing capability to a feedback.

    I think, as guitar players, the different and sometimes unpredictable feedback overtones you achieve by facing your guitar at different angles to the speaker is one of the things that brings a smile to your face. Perhaps a randomizer for the overtones?

    The Helix has this feature in its feedbacker - you can pick an overtone, cycle through them, or have a random one. Putting different overtones at the toe and heel position of the morph exp ped would be cool

    Well. I live near a great guitar shop with a large 'used' section.

    I picked up an EHX C9 pedal on the way home this week....... and its excellent. (although its just as noisy electrically as other EHX pedals needing good isolation). It has a nice mix of Hammond and other organs with nice varition with the Mod/Click control which do modulation and other effects depending on the preset.

    Interestingly - stacking them seems top work just fine. The Mel 9 can get enough pitch detection from the C9 output to work.

    Here's the Chromatic pitch effect from Cathedral which does the heavy lifting. Choose a Fender clean amp from your collection. Pop your Chromatic pitch effect into a slot 1-4, . Set Voice 1 -12, voice 2 +12, experiment with the 'chords' Put some chorus [chef's kiss Ruppert !!] some reverb after it.

    Stick to single strings or 2 note chords to avoid warbling.

    Reading the above posts made me dig out mighty Hog2.

    Yes. They're expensive (buy a used one).

    Yes, Like alot of EHX digital pedals they are very 'digital noise to ground if you don't isolate them.

    Yes, its huge. The downside is that they come with a terrible EXP pedal, which you need to swap out for literally anything else.

    I've had the Hog - which is 90% as good as the Hog2. The Pog is probably just as good for the job at hand here. But its great at making FAT sounds, organ sounds, celeste. 12 string, bass, flute/piccolo, delicate angelic voices, demonic wails, its a whammy (add a decent EXP pedal), its a wah (exp pedal and the filter section), its Boss Slow Gear (envelope section). Its got great tracking, stores presets, and did I mention its huge ?

    NB - if you do get one. Make sure the filter section has Freq all the way up, and Resonance all the way down, other wise you'll think its broken.

    NB. If you have access to a Helix - I have 'poormans organ' and 'bigger organ on Line 6's CustomTone. And 'Celestial Menace' which uses dynamics to swap tween lower and higher registers and a Xenomorph fuzz to spoil your neighbours day.

    Use a pitch shifter(s). In a different multifx modelling device I add a -12 and a +12 to get a basic organ sound. You can add +5 -7 to fatten it. Some phaser or swirling speaker can help give it some movement while reverb helps to smear out the sound. Using a Boss Slow Gear style fade in effect to remove the pick attack sound from the pitch shifted sounds helps alot.

    The EHX Hog2 is very good at making organ sounds.


    I've found that Ikea Ivar is fairly easy to extend.

    I've added a Roland SRV3030 (yes, the srv330 gets better reviews, but they're mostly internet yahoos so meh) which has led me to adding 1 u to the top to allow one last rack device into my rig.

    So the retro half of my rack is pretty much complete - 90's to early 2000's rack nonsense, pedals, and modern profiling/modelling. Can't see me buying any more gear*.


    So was the original DC-2.

    ....and expensive these days. But cheaper than the Roland Dimension D rack.

    The Helix has a model of it in the Legacy (M9 / M13 models) models added a few years ago. Its not as good as it could be - but does let you have upto 4 presets at once) - but its definitely not impossible to model.

    In my defence I was left unsupervised.

    After completing the 'big three' quest, I managed to also complete the 'All Marshall rack' quest by adding a JFX-1 to my JMP-1 and 9100 power amp.

    Yes, it took AGES to make my 15u rack into a17u rack and rejig the patchbay....again.

    Yes, its a 90's digital effect unit with no editor, slightly fiddly and a HUGE external powersupply......

    Yes - the my other FX blow this away - but its cool.

    Took a gut shot while changing the battery (nice to see a battery holder instead of a batter soldered to the PCB)

    the Helix control is midi ?

    No. It is not. But the Helix its connected to is very Midi.

    I have presets on the Helix where it configures as a controller for the Kemper (2 examples are on Line6 CustomTone). You can configure the preset to send PC and multiple CC to call up a profile. Each footswitch/snapshot can be a profile or the footswitches can map onto an effect block (with LCD labels and coloured leds). It has 3x expression pedals and an extra hardwired footswitch which can be given midi CC. Its very good.

    Is using a whole multiFX unit as a midi controller is overkill ?

    Yes it is. But its a multifunctional tool. It also routes my audio, hosts FX loops, and other stuff.

    Are there other midi controllers with more midi functionality ?

    Also yes. But they are $$$ and I already have the Helix. AND a heavily modded FCB 1010.

    I do like the Helix and Kemper controllers both using regular network cables instead of midi or proprietary cable/connector. Smart move to make getting a new/longer cable both simple and cheap. [chef's kiss]

    The Dimension C chorus (that isn't really a chorus) is very very good.

    But - the Dimension C DC-3 is the best incarnation. Sure, the DC-2W lets you have 2 presets at once, but the DC-3 lets you edit the whole effect.

    Why yes, I do stack these for a super lush effect.