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    I think that before ToneX can be considered a competitor to Kemper Player, it will need to greatly up its game in efx processing.

    I don't think that is the audience it is after. The pedal itself does not really process effects, other then reverb and compressor and that is minimal. From my prospective the ToneX is only meant to be the amp and cab for a pedalboard with your analog effects. Set up like that it really works exceptionally well.

    I have just gotten another Kemper but I also have a Tonex these days. Seems that the Tonex method of profiling would lend itself to being able to solve this issue by rig manager as a go between to use the PC resources to accomplish a dual profile merge. I am sure the guys over at Kemper would be able to make something work. It used to be thought that changing the tone stack knobs would never react like a real amp and now Liquid Profiles.

    I am happy to wait for the next OS version. I am not sure what they are cooking up but I am sure that they will make sure it will be something the majority of us will love. To bo honest, other then a tuner in RM, I am not sure what else they can really improve that will be a really major update.

    what does it matter if the EQ doesn't respond exactly like the amp would? If I just need a little less mids and a little more high end, why wouldn't I adjust the EQ accordingly,

    Again, this isn't a personal attack against you, so sorry if it comes off this way. I just think this is weirdly bad advice.

    I put it out that way because he is coming from the world of a tube amps and has specifically mentioned two amps, JVM 410 and a Victory V30 MK11. That small amount of knowledge will help prevent the moments of frustration when attempting to make comparisons between the real thing and a profile. I too have profiles of my real tube amps that stay at home and find it much more intuitive to match tones I am attempting to match with boosts or EQ. While adjusting the amp block EQ to taste will get you to where you want to be but can be the source of frustration when turning up the mids doesn't react the same way when you are trying to match tones post refinement. One of his issues was being heard and cutting through the mix and using an EQ or boost will make the process a bit simpler on the spot to tweak, especially if you have a laptop there. There are alway more then one way to do thing and this is what has worked for me and might be a good option for Gezza as well.

    I find myself starting with a good profile I like or profile set and then tweak it with the effects on the Kemper pre and post. I have tons of profiles and keep trying more but I keep going back to my tweaked favorites. I mainly use the Michael Brit Dumble pack profiles. I generally will take them and add boosts, drives or EQ pedal in front of or after the amp/cab block. I play things from Zep and VH to Tool and AIC. I have been able to get good tones that I can make do what ever I want it to do. I tend to avoid turning the bass, mid and treble knobs since they wont react exactly like the amp would have. If I dont like the tone when I first listen to the profile I move on to a different one. No point in tweaking a profile that you dont like from the start.

    If you use an EQ pedal to boost the frequencies to cut through it will have a more predictable reaction then changing the amp tone stack. Combining the morph feature with boosted and EQs will go a LONG way towards getting a tone you want that is heard in the mix.

    I think that you are missing my point. Even IF it was possible to do dual stuff through RM, I highly doubt that they would do it, as it kind of eliminates some of really the big new things, they probably are going to make a potential MKII a justifiable purchase.

    My initial post is not limited to KPA or a KPA II, this is an idea to get that functionality and that is all. This would not even be a hurdle for a KPA II either since this would not be a true dual amp solution only a way to essentially create a new profile out of two existing ones. In a true dual amp setup you would have the control to pan each one left, right, center, change volume levels independently which is just not going to be possible here. This more for doing things like creating an Adam Jones Tool tone from the correct VH4 and Bassman amps. If there is a KPA II then I would imagine, like the counter parts out there, you could just drop the two profiles in the signal chain. Every chain I have ever seen regarding dual amps has always had at least one person in it shooting it down because it could be a selling point for a KPA II. A feature like this could be implemented on any version of a KPA since it would not rely on the KPA's DSP.

    Making sure something is solid before release is not holding back, that is good QC. Having a completed and tested product and not releasing because you can bundle it in something to force you to spend more money is holding back. There is a LONG list of other companies that do that.

    Now as for me only having a Kemper since 2019 does not make me ignorant of what has gone on in the digital world. I have embraced the tech since the Line 6 Flextone amps were new, I have had a Helix and an AX8. I came over to Kemper only because I got tired of always tweaking and tone chasing on those units. The Kemper had been solid and insane sounding for the 7 years before I got one.

    Yes, the idea would involve a good amount of heavy lifting to pull off. With the current RM a lot of pieces are already there to use. We already have a platform that allows the KPA to interact with the computer and allow what is going on to be heard, that piece right there would allow the process to use the computers resources. The application also allows us to interact with the various pieces of the signal chain like the amp. This would not be a case of a ground up design, there are pieces already in place.

    As far as my comment about the Stage that is just one more thing they could have held back if a KPA2 was on the radar. Kemper has made itself one of the best units out there because they have not held their innovations back.

    I am sure this has been discussed in house before and I have even scene threads requesting, putting it nicely, to have dual amps before. I just wanted to offer a suggestion on how it could be done instead of making noise that it isn't there.

    I agree with you that the Kemper is an amazing tool. I have only been on board since 2019 but I love the convenience and amazing tone, even if I do gravitate to only a couple of patches (love the MBritt Dumble). I still check all the time for the newest update to see what new amzing things we are getting. I did think about trading it one time to get the QC but that only lasted a couple of minutes.

    At this point I am not sure what else they could add to the Kemper as far as actual audible improvements, we have the fuzz, OD, modulation, tones , what ever it is I look forward to finding out.

    Exactly my thought. I also highly doubt that. And I don’t see why they should “kill” a potential KPA 2 with that move. That would just mean, that the gap between the original and the MKII will be even smaller. And with the stuff they keep doing to it, it’s still a nice piece of gear.

    IF a KPA2 was a focus there have been many things to have held back, like the current RM itself and the Stage unit. I have not seen anything that points to a push towards a KPA2. In fact the latest release of the Quad Cortex shows that the Kemper as is still competes head to head with the other leading units out there.

    I was just sitting here messing with my Klon clone pedal and it gave me an idea for the possibility of a dual amp method for the Kemper. It may have been suggested in the past but here is the idea that I have had. Since we have the rig manager and it is becoming a powerful tool. This would probably involve a bit of design but would give us the ability to have two amps in a sense. The rig manager could be used to process two amps together into a new single amp. If we had the option to set mixing between the two during the creation process it would open up unlimited options. By using the rig manager to perform the work as well would bypass the Kemper and therefore allow the process to use the computers CPU and memory instead of the Kempers DSP. This does seem like there would be a lot of heavy lifting to be done to be able to get RM to generate the new amp but with RM it seems to me that we have the tool to be able to accomplish the process. I wish I had the tech knowledge to get into more detail on how the mixing and creation process would work. If nothing else it seems like a good point of conversation.

    I've never seen Fender update a Princeton for free after they deliver it...

    Kemper, the gift that keeps giving....

    Thank-you thank-you thank-you...

    True but you can only turn the knobs so far on the profile before it sounds bad. I can turn the knobs on my Rockerverb all I want and it still sounds like my Rockerverb. The Kemper is actually the only digital solution out there that was designed for people that have and love tube amps.

    For me I love the Stage for practices and live play. I live having the tube amps for home, recording and profiling. I love being able to just reach out and turn the knob if I want more or less of something. When I get a tone I love, I can just profile it and I have it live too.