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    added: new effect Acoustic Simulator in category Equalizer
    added: new effects Phase Widener and Delay Widener in category Equalizer
    added: new effect Auto Swell in category Compressor
    added: Low Cut and High Cut filters in Output Section affecting all outputs  added: Pitch, Voice Interval, and Key in pitch and pitch delay effects can now be morphed
    added: S/PDIF slave capability for classical PROFILER models manufactured since about 2019. New devices show option Auto/Internal in Output Section like Stage models do. 
    improved: S/PDIF latency decreased (at 44.1 kHz)

    Haven't tested yet but looks promising

    Thank you for the explanation but the question would be why is SPDIF signal delayed compared to Analog out? It doesn't pass through AD/DA so in theory it should be faster. I am asking because I love how it sounds over SPDIF and I'd like to use for monitoring when playing at home. Of course the latency over SPDIF is not a lot bigger than analog out.

    The important stuff is the "latency diff" and the "Net KPA latency" (see post #35 above).

    Audio interfaces and computers have different latencies depending on driver, buffer setting, sample rate, internal DSP, AD/DA hardware, etc.

    It's not possible to directly compare the total latency values (and Kemper can't do anything to improve your system latency anyway). :)

    I had an even higher SPDIF latency difference compared to mains out :). I think it's clear what we are talking about in this thread.

    If you're only interested in tracking with direct monitoring (i.e. not monitoring through your DAW ) then any interface should work. The sound differences are small between interfaces.

    If you're interested in monitoring in your DAW ( using DAW effects in real time ) then I really recommend RME. I have the Fireface UCX model and the latency is really low and also the TotalMix program allows you to route your audio in all kinds of crazy ways.

    Great job, the editor works on MacOS although I had some issues with the device getting out of sync with RM3 which requires me to disconnect the usb cable and restart RM3. It's a rare issue though and it might be related to my using of a USB hub.


    1. Undo/Redo functionality

    2. Select presets for stomps from a list

    3. Select cab/amp from a list

    Great job, again!