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    I'm not sure you are aware what you are talking abot. Profile take only interaction of the speeaker and the amp in an given amp volume. It will be the same with QC. The only difference is that KPA wil know with use of some calculatiuon between DI and studio profile how the cab interact with the amp. But In my opinion it just can do a better separation then between CAB and AMP than in a ordinary studio profile. But this information is usless when you will change the cab. Or in another words it will act as not intended with different cab.

    Not sure if you are aware that both of them send amplitude ( volume ) sweeps as well as frequency sweeps when capturing an amp while an IR is a static frequency map.

    Also merged profiles have an accurate separation of the cab part which just works ...

    I don't see the difference though. Both devices can do direct profiles. And the cab can be added or switched on each? So why is this being typed as some revolutionary feature?

    How do you create cab profiles ( using a specific amp ) with the qc?

    With Kpa you can accurately swap cabs between merged profiles. How do you achieve that with the qc?

    Well, to be more specific....

    In blind studies, 5 mSec was the lowest latency any person could hear using headphones. In open air..... No way.

    Count me a disbeliever ?

    I’m cool with that, you don’t have to believe me.

    For example the difference between the Helix and something like the Amplifire is striking even on a clean signal path. There is a noticeable diaconnect in the Helix when put side by side. The same with the Kemper.

    I think it was states that the latency of the Amplifire is around 1ms while the Helix is around 3ms.

    You have to consider that there’s around 2 ms latency in the audio interface and there might be some latency in the monitors in some cases.

    This quickly adds up. Especially without headphones if you account for the distance between the monitors and your ears and the fact that you hear the strings.

    Another example is Helix in 4cm which totally destroys the feel of the amp.

    Some people are just more sensitive.

    I have no problem playing at a distance of 5 meters from the amp but I have a problem with any noticeable latency from the device.

    If the qc has the same latency as the Helix then it is a total no-go for me. I hope it doesn't though.

    A bit long but I agree. Some people identify with the things they buy, any critique will be taken personally and they won’t be judge from a clear and detached perspective.

    Well I think vice versa. This is the right place(other gear sub forum) . But people here feel very unsafe when it comes to new technologies which, in fact, do not in any way change howKPA works or sound.

    And I don't understand this attitude a bit.

    I don’t see how criticizing a product is a form of defensive behavior.

    People have been criticizing the Helix, Headrush, AxeFx for years now and nobody saw that as defensiveness.

    People even criticize the KPA on this forum a lot.

    Taking personal offense over critique is just a sign of emotional immaturity and nothing else.

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    they don’t really sound alike. There’s bite and top end in the amp that completely misses in the axe on the morgan amp, the marshall doesn’t sound the same at all and I’m listening on my phone.

    I only listened to those two. Will give it another try with headphones but imo the diference is a lot bigger than kemper vs amp.

    Also I would like to see how Axe compares to a real amp picked up and not through irs.

    The jcm800 was pretty spot on though!