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    Well I would like to say this. I miss a lot a Cab pack that has been made out of merged profiles. There is a guy called Petr Canov that has a Cab pack that sounds superior to IRs, but has not many choices. So my thought is that Kemper team should make a big collection of Cab packs that has all/the most known cabs outhere and microphone choices and being for sale. No studios has deal to make a Cab pack (out of merged profiles) and that's missing A LOT..

    Also , generally I think Kemper team should/could make profile packs and sell them. We can find many studio profile packs from known Studios but for guys that use Merged/DI profiles we can't find anything we want..BUT the big problem that we miss is a collection of Cabs pack.. Please do something yesterday :)

    The cool thing with QC and Capturing a rig is this:

    1. Captures seems to be very accurate at this point. So no worries, it is looking great.

    2. What is even more exciting is, that the Modeled amps in QC are using this same machine learning technique as the Capture, but it goes even deeper and creates a ”fully authentic amp model” that behaves like the real deal.

    Like always, we will see how this ends up going. But I am very excited at the moment!

    Kemper's profiles are also accurate..

    Now I am sure that if Rabea had roll back the definition knob from 10 to about 4 the Kemper would sound even more accurate. He said that Kemper adds more gain, more compressed and has this middle eq sound..exactly what Definition knob you reach 10 it compresses the sound (making it tighter) adds little more gain and adds something in the middle..I want to upload here a test that I did and tell me what you think. I now believe that we haven't noticed for good what definition option does..we only focus that it tights up the sound.

    Also about Cortex...I was listening that Neural plugins are equal or better than Kemper. So when I downloaded the plugins for testing them I heard this fizzy, aliasing sound, it was noticeable very flat and something weird about the gain..

    So we have to test them and see in our hand if its good. Eventhough if it is good, until now it is noticeable that it suffers from aliasing ( ok maybe some guys again can't listen the aliasing..ok..)...

    Kemper its awesome...I would ask some upgrade with the IRs / Cab section..

    Kemper sounds more analog than Neural stuff until opinion

    So I have said that I belong to the guys that I can hear this cocked wah in some profiles especially in all my kraken packs. BUT I read somewhere these days that maybe the definition if rolled back (I took it from 10 to 5.0 and even lower to 4.0) it would help with this sound. So I tried that and I think it helped A LOT...I think that now my Kraken profiles sound as they supposed to sound, like the original amp sounds...I have to be sure about this and check it many times before being happy. (maybe this could be the general therapy)

    I have one thing in common with Mark Knopfler and all the other mega superstars using the KPA on their workd tours:I never ever encountered "cocked wah" in my profiles.. ^^

    Mr superstar Nikos..just see the video of Rabea and use your ears. No need to laugh about what is audible or others opinion. Also find me a good Kraken if you can without this wah if you can..I have bought many packs of Kraken and Neural's its clearer. We discuss some things in here to give feedback for this product so to get better. So many guys speaking for some things aren't stupid or superstars. Now that you have a new machine to compare maybe its easier to understand. Kemper has more analog sound and I am sure it can get better than Neural...Neural come easiest closer to the amp, its more open sounding, don't have that middle strange thing BUT has something digital and the gain structure is weird. Kemper could be the winner if mr. Kemper listen to guys telling 2-3 things. The profiles being darker, have that middle thing..I believe it can be fixed. Don't act like a wall and don't let feedback to reach mr. Kemper. Kemper its obviously more analog sounding and its stupid not to be fixed these 2-3 stuff now thats more obvious by these videos. Many many many guys we have spoken for these stuff but here in this page fanboys act like a wall to mr.Kemper but this does more harm than good...

    From day 1 playing my Kemper I have made the sound getting better and better by knowing its features BUT this" cocked waw" as Rebea is saying I can't do anything and I have so many Kraken profiles that's unusable. Also many times Kemper is missing this openness.

    I am glad Rabea proved this "cocked waw".

    Its not bad to accept whats going on..

    IF Mr. KEMPER solve these 2, we need nothing more...Kemper has still more analog sound

    Kemper is a very powerfull device that provides literally the ampsound in our home studios and any situations. For me it took me many months to learn it and I have found many tricks to make it sound awesome. Not all the owners have understand how to use it and dial it. Thats not a problem of Kemper. But...1. For some reason IF 2 guys with the same tools profile the same amp they won't get the same sound. Some authors profile the amps and you get fantastic packs ( like Petr Canov) and many many other authors create very bad profiles. The biggest reason is the author himself..but besides this some guys have spoken for some inconsistency in the profiling procedure. So Neural did find the spot/algorithm/procedure to manage to profile with biggest success from the 1st attempt?....I don't k know but I noticed that their profile had that ampsound but also had and something digital inside it that I didn't like it and Kemper doesn't have it. Maybe Kemper needs more attempts but its profile will be clearer and without digital artifacts (aliasing etc..)

    2. Maybe Kemper could need an update that has to do with the cabs/IRs. I mostly use direct/merged profiles and lastly many guys do that in combination with IRs or Cabs. So it is noticeable that Cabs work better with Kemper than IR..Many guys have referred to this and this would be a really good upgrade to Kemper and on point for its sound. AxeFx3 and Neural Dsp Cortex can get better the IRs.

    But...eventhough my Kemper provides me unbelievably strong and full sound of an amp, and these 2 above are details that maybe are right or wrong!!But a company could or should try many things that some of them would approve right and create a better result and some of them would approve wrong. The main point is not to be toxic because the fanboys in this page are from another planet and believe so much that they are smart ass and if someone speaks something different its stupid or something.

    We say some ideas, some are good, some are bad and some are very smart..and we provide ideas because we love the product..OK????understood???

    IF a Kemper 2 sometime will come across the mind of mr. Kemper I hope he will ask us what we would want besides what he has think, and I say that because everyone who has a Kemper admires his open mind, the way he treated to customers with so good attitude and personality and we believe that he knows what he is doing..Many guys have crazy ideas the maybe could crazy was Kemper to create this beautiful machine that changed everything!!!!


    The TONECRAFT Bundle includes 184 Kemper Studio Profiles & 12 Kemper Direct Profiles for a great price!

    Great for your rock / metal / djent productions.

    I have heard the best for your profile packs but I have to ask this. I am a huge fan of merged profiles, I prefer the sound, I find them more lively, crispy and I love the simplicity to change any IR or use it with real cab. So the first question is do you have merged and secondly you have enough profiles in your packs with different gain and clean sound???

    Guidorist have lot of merged profiles(i think all his packs are studio and merged),who is that guy Petr Canov where i can find his profiles?

    You will be blown away by his profiles, and I am about to do a you have Facebook? if yes find me and I will link his profile in Facebook and I will sent you and sounding examples. My profile in Fb is Zorbas Giwrgos, the theatrical photo on the floor..

    As I said in my home studio Kemper sounded a lot better, more weight on the sound and there are some points in the video that you can hear it is better. Also the profiles are a little more saturated and thats not helpful..Right now my Kemper kills the Neural plugins and everything else outhere. I want to make a video for Petr Canov 's merged profile pack that is unbelievably good...I hope Neural quad cortex will be better than the plugins. Kemper needs some competition because I believe that could fix some parts where Kemper adds a little more compression..etc..

    I don't understand what's the matter if a simple guy just do a simple comparison!!its not a pro comparison obviously!!I used 8 profiles from the Granophyre pack against the Neural guy above is saying that to do a comparison you should take a profile from the neural. First of all I DIDN'T try or wanted to match the sound but I wanted to find wich one was more organic and has this amp sound. If anyonewant to match the sound should profile the vst..!no problem..I did it to enjoy the sound and anyone could tell his preferences. Mine is the sounds better and you can understand this from the second part of the recorded tracks, the fast riff. The Kemper sounds better, more organic, I expeced to be more obvious but it didn't!!Also I play metal, I recorded simple chords with gain about 5-6 out of 10 and a faster part..Sinmix do the same but he is a pro..ok !! I am not telling this to compare myself with Sinmix..but complaining for everything? come on..its not the 3rd world war, its a videofor fun and maybe someone could find it helpful!!And also where is the problem with the noobs..

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    This is a comparison video with Neural Granophyre vs Kemper Granophyre!!!What do you think..??

    hi..have you other profiles free or paid? where can I find your page? Also in Rig Exchange you are the "Rif", so who is Riffem? You again?

    Kemper+axeFx3 (splawn nitro)...Hey listen to this..if you have any questions if axe fx3 sounds better than a kemper this is the answer!...and also find my thread " kemper+axefx3=..?"..Accidentally I found a rig in rig manager, a rig made profiling an AxeFx. I was a little jealous about the "dry" sound that has the AxeFx 3 and after a video that I saw in YouTube comparing the two units I just tried to match the sound. So the revelation came to me...when I used rigs made of AxeFx3, I had exactly this sry sound that has the AxeFx3..Maybe we didn't take seriously that Kemper could sound exactly like AxeFx3 if you profile it. So now I feel that I have everything with my Kemper is also an AxeFx3..listen above my sample. The rig you can find it in rig manager, find it in my thread. I hope someone will make lots of profiles from AxeFx3...