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    Yes. But the headphone output of the Kemper is for headphones. To connect the Kemper to a powered speaker like a TV sound bar you should use the main out or monitor out .

    Thanks. I think you just saved me about 500 quid. And I can get it in my preferrred white (no white for powered one). I don't think I need the one with the powered amp at all.

    I have a question about the Kemper with the in-built amp. Does this amp produce its own sound (it doesn't seem to have a speaker)? Or why would you want an amp? Is it just so you can plug directly into a PA or speakers?

    It seems that you are not getting so many answers to your questions so here we go...

    - Etc

    Thanks for detailed answers. :)

    As for the question on the 8-string, I don't own an 8-string amp, or any amp (haven't got the 8 string guitar yet for that matter). I'm hoping the Kemper means I never have to buy an amp.

    I guess what I'll have to do is look for a profile within the community of an 8-string amp.

    Hi all.

    I'm Thomas from Dublin in Ireland.

    I'll be getting a Kemper within the year. I heard about the in an interview with Matt Heafy a few weeks ago and it sounded exactly like what I needed. I've been playing guitar almost a year now and have so far been plugging into a laptop using Amplitube 4 and was wondering how I could take that to a live setting if and when the time came. It was a this time I heard of Kemper and it seems the perfect solution for someone like me who wants as little gear as possible but still have a large range.

    I've a few questions in advance, none of these will affect me getting one, just curious.

    - Can the PowerHead amp be plugged directly into a laptop and played straight into something like Audition, and will the amp sound come through within the DAW?

    - Does your guitar and pickups affect the sound of any profile, or does the profile play the same regardless of guitar plugged in (what I'm asking really is if Kemper works like a midi which synthesizes the sound)?

    - Can you switch profiles using the remote control base board if you really want to completely change the sound mid-song?

    - Does it have the range for an 8-string guitar?

    I might think of more or follow up questions.

    Thanks in advance.

    Looking for ward to getting one of these.