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    I use this: PYLE Universal Laptop / Device Stand PLPTS3

    Universal Laptop / Device Stand PLPTS3
    Universal Laptop Device Stand - Height Adjustable Tripod Mount (For Laptop, Notebook, Mixer, DJ Equipment) DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The computer stand for djs was…

    I only use it in my music room and never move it. Similar to the Amazon stand above. It seems pretty sturdy and not prone to tipping even at the height I have it set at. I have the platform at 40" above the floor to make adjustments to the Kemper easy. The only drag was that the upper collar was not strong enough to clamp the tube tight under the weight of the Kemper (powered toaster). It would gradually slip down. Easily solved by setting it to the height I wanted, drilling a small hole in the center pole and then inserting a pin through it.

    I use two Yamaha DXR10 powered monitors on the floor in front of me angled up about six feet away and six feet apart. I really liked the first one I bought but had been used to playing through two 4x12 cabs so I bought a second one to have a bigger sound stage. I'm just a hobbyist who plays at home. My gigging days are long behind me. Love these speakers. Bought them based on a glowing review right here on the Kemper forums and have not regretted the decision once in over four and half years with my Kemper.

    I chat with a guy who gigs regularly in New York City and needs the smallest rig possible since he travels in cabs and on public transportation (buses and subways). A gig bag is perfect for him since many have straps that can be worn backpack style. Myself, I am not a fan. I have a little stack of them. I'll throw one in on a Craigslist sale now and then when I need the case for another guitar.

    I am about ready to retire my 2004 Honda CRV so I'll be car shopping before too long. The hardshell case for my Gibson Explorer measures 48" x 18" x 4.5". I will have it with me when I car shop. It needs to fit in the rear seat. I will never put my Explorer in a gig bag.

    Back in my apartment days when I had a Johnson J-Station (still have it) I used wireless over the ear headphones. They served me well and sounded better than earbuds, to me. I have never been an earbud kind of guy.

    Nice LP. And you get extra points for mentioning Thin Lizzy!

    Thank you! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get on with these pickups, or at least in the bridge. In fairness, I owned my original Deluxe forty years ago and wasn't as savvy or picky about tone. back in those days I was playing a Fender Champ with a EH Big Muff and then moved to a Fender Twin Reverb. Yikes. The output of these pickups is fine but the bridge pickup is brighter than Stephen Hawking. I understand the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop can build a JB model pickup (my favorite) in a Gibson Mini Humbucker format so I have contacted them. Wish me luck.

    Re. Imprints: It wont translate like with the Kone, but I would still try....I use a cheap Catalyst 100 as a backup/powered cab and was about to return it (on his own it sounds underwhelming as powered cab, with cab off on the Stage)...'till I switched on the made a HUGE difference. By sure it doesn't translate as it should (not even in the ballpark), but hey: if it sounds good, then is good.

    +1 on this. I still had a Boogie Thiele cabinet with a Mesa/Celestion 90W speaker when Imprints were released so I tried it out with my powered toaster. Not the same at a Kabinet but gives you a sense of what is going on. The Boogie cab by itself was just okay but the Imprints were an improvement, just not something I liked as much as my DXR-10 monitors. Give it a try and see.

    I bought a PRS S2 Custom 24 Slate Blue Metallic in summer 2019 really on impulse. Wasn't looking for a new guitar but I saw it, played it, liked it and bought it. A few months later I found a PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow for a great price on Craigslist and bought it. For a couple years I mostly just played those two guitars. The fit and finish are amazing. The birds suck. On the higher frets I sorta got lost sometimes since I am not a bird watcher. Not a fan of their Core guitars with elaborate finishes, either. All of that is moot since I went back to Gibsons in August 2021 when my old Explorer came home. I've bought 4 new Gibsons since then.

    Speaking of Gibson, my very first Gibson Les Paul of many over the years was an early 70s Cherry Sunburst Deluxe complete with goof rings. When Gibson released the 70s series Deluxes I had to have one. Found a new 2022 yesterday at Guitar Center. Plays great, sounds great, looks amazing and takes me back to the early days of my guitar playing. I pick up a Les Paul Jr. and I play Mountain tunes. First thing I played when I picked this one up was "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy.

    What Kind of music do you play ? For High Gain and Metal, some of my favourites in the pack are the Krank profile and the 6505+

    I mostly play 70s classic rock stuff with maybe a little old school heavy metal mixed in. In my amp days I was an JMP/JCM800 or Soldano Hot Rod/SLO kind of guy. One weekend when I am in the mood I'm going to do a deep dive and devote an afternoon to profiling my Hot Rod 50 and taking the time to get it right. Maybe even try the Liquid method and see how that turns out.

    The Helix killer. Didn't some little box come out around the holidays last year that was going to be the Kemper killer? ToneX or something like that. HW and his game changers. Glad they come along about once a year to keep him busy. He is the quintessential social media influencer. Well, they all are. HW, Pete Thorn, Rabea. They never met a new product they didn't like.

    One word. Wow. I have purchased at least a dozen Kemper profile packs for the Soldano SLO 100. I found one I really like and it's been my daily driver for years. The others have been one and done. Demoed them and deleted them. I cannot remember the last time I demoed any profile pack (SLO or otherwise) that had me actually grinning from ear to ear. The OD channel tweaked profiles with the 1960 cabs are outstanding. I cannot believe I only paid ten bucks for this pack. Well done!

    I actually knew a guy who had a very convincing sounding 2205 back in the day.

    The 2205/2210 amps weren't horrible. You just had to keep them away from a 2203/2204. I gigged in a band with a guy who played a 2205 (2210 - not sure). I thought his tone sounded good. In his next band he played with a guy who had an early 80s 2204. The difference in tone was unmistakable. Life is sometimes a matter of perspective.

    In the "old" days, drives were often needed because of the lack of a master volume or just not enough gain in an amp. Most people used cheap boss type solid state pedals, so I never understood why someone would have a glorious valve amp with a cheap ss pedal in front.

    Your first sentence answers your second sentence. That's why we used them. Lack of a master volume or not enough gain.

    As to the widespread use of cheap solid state pedals - that's all that was available. Cheap solid state pedals. BOSS was the best quality of what was available. At that time a boutique was a place where women bought lingerie. Now people use expensive solid state pedals that cost a car payment.

    A stock Super Lead is a beautiful thing if you can stand in the same room with it. A JCM800 straight up is glorious but stick a BOSS Super Overdrive in front of it and forget about it. Drop a Duncan JB in your Les Paul and plug in and hang on.

    9.3 million views

    I'm familiar with him. Seen a few of his videos. Never found any of them terribly compelling (I could watch Tim Pierce all day long). Paul has 3.25 million subscribers. Impressive. 9.3 million views on this video. Impressive. I don't consider Paul Davids to be any sort of Kemper heavy hitter that every Kemper owner would know who he was. I could probably find a few cat videos with similar view stats. I Googled "YouTube cat videos". First hit was 8.8 million views in 4 months (Paul's video has been up a year). The next one had 81 MILLION views but it had been up 6 years. But those cats cannot play "Smoke On The Water".