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    Danke! Ich bin jetzt wieder mit meiner alten E-Mail Adresse eingeloggt.

    Ich werde jetzt erst mal den Account mit meiner neuen Adresse löschen und dann nach ein paar Tagen Wartezeit die E-Mail Adresse wechseln. Ich hoffe, das geht

    Excited to hear about the new Power Kabinet, as I just treated myself to a Profiler Stage. I was wondering if the Power Kabinet was suitable as a bass cab? What do you think?

    I have been using the Hughes & Kettner QS410 for many years. I have two of them, but one is usually enough. The speaker has 10" NeoDym coaxial speakers. That's why it's relatively light (34kg), and the tweeters don't break down anymore. The cabinet provides additional punch on stage, because the pure InEar signal is not enough for me to feel really comfortable.

    Also, it is very easy to pick up with a mic in addition to the LineOut, which is no longer necessary, because the Kemper gives a very usable signal from the MainOut.

    In addition, we use a signal from the Direct Output, which is mixed in via a DI box up to about 90Hz.

    Hello, my remote no longer shows which effects are stored on footswitches II- IIII to turn them on and off.

    I updated the device today, but of course this problem caught me cold on stage. Is the cause known, and how do I get it back to the way it was before?

    Try to put 2 tremolos in sequence, that should "Square" a bit the wave. (Btw: is more of a Stutter/Killswitch then a slicer, to my ears)

    I have created a program with two tremolo units. Unfortunately, the tremolos "phase", so that there is not only an amplification of the tremolo effect, but also an unwanted permanent phasing. Is there a stronger tremolo to download?

    Thank you again, but this suggestion does not make me sure to give it a new try on stage. I will take the Powerrack to my home which I tried to avoid. I have now read "how to update" which hopefully will help me further.

    I had clearly underestimated updating via USB stick and therefore did not regularly update the software version of the Powerrack, because I fear such tasks on stage before or after a gig.

    That is very helpful. The only thing is that I last did a version update on my Powerrack before Corona (about 2 years ago).

    Yes, it showed "Backup completed".

    Yes, the backup is displayed on the iMac.

    I think there will be no way except taking the Powerrack to my home computer for an update - I found this info today... Is it possible to do an update via USB stick?

    Thank you very much for your help

    Hello, I bought a Profiler Stage especially for my home because I don't want to carry my Profiler Rack around all the time.

    Now I have failed several times to transfer my new Performances from the Stage to the Rack with a USB stick. Unfortunately, simply formatting the USB stick and transferring the backup doesn't work. The message appears that the USB stick does not contain a backup.

    Presumably this is because the identical Profiler software version has to be transferred first?

    But how can I transfer the new Profiler software version to the USB-stick?

    I have a Profiler Stage at home and a PowerRack + Remote Control for live gigs that I never take home.

    I updated my Profiler Stage today and made a backup. I have never done this before, but I plan to take the USB stick with me and update the PowerRack with the restore function.

    Question: does this work or do I have to live with surprises? To be on the safe side I will make a backup of the PowerRack on another USB stick

    Thank you for your answer in advance :)

    Hi there, after almost a year on the road with the Kemper Powerrack I have to deal with the operation more intensively. I now have a little more time and therefore I introduce myself here.

    I'm a bass player and hoped to replace my old equipment (Boss GT10B + TC Electronic RH450) with the Kemper after almost 10 years.

    As I hoped, it worked pretty well, but without the help of Thomas Dill I would have been pretty much stuck.

    I'm on the road with a well booked Pink Floyd tribute band and therefore need a lot of effects like delay, phaser, flanger, compressor, overdrive, tremolo etc.

    Except for the tremolo effect I'm also quite satisfied, although the Kemper is really hard for me to understand - still.

    It's especially difficult for me to edit the amp on the road at a gig. That's why I bought a Kemper Stage in addition, so that I don't have to take the device home with me all the time. But the complex operation is a real hurdle for me. The display is also anything but easy to read - I would have liked to pay a little more for something better.