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    rig exchange is really subjective. I typically use paid profiles by Michael Britt because I think they sound better. But I have also created some of my own, and scoured a lot of stuff on Rig Exchange.

    The one on Rig Exchange with good rating, I find to my ears generally sound pretty poor. Honestly some of the high rated rigs sound dreadful to these ears. But I think that's because of all the other variables in how people use their kempers.

    My profiles are just how I like my amp to sound, and I'd fully expect a lot of people to not like them.

    Check out some of mine and see what you think. Just search jkplaysguutar

    haven't read all replies but here's what I do.

    I use the Pure Boost 'pedal' and put it in the X slot (after the 'amp'). I have this set to +4.4bB.

    I also have my chosen delay in the delay slot.

    I always have a bit of reverb active too, regardless of rhythm or lead sound.

    On my kemper remote I have 1 button set to engage the Pure Boost and the Delay stomp. It does not control the reverb as this is always on at the same level.

    This effectively creates a volume boost (quite a loud one as I play in a rock band with another guitarist so I need a pretty big volume jump to be heard properly) and engages the delay with 1 button.


    When im in performance mode and i make a change to a slot (e.g. adjust delay level), im having to go through the 'Save' procedure every time before moving across to a different performance number.

    If i dont save each time i move across the performance slots, I loose the changes ive made . Am i missing something obvious?

    Id like to be able to freely make changes to my 5 performance slots, with the changes automatically saving as i go along, and then when im happy click 'Save' just the once. Its making the work flow really cumbersome.

    Thanks for the replies.

    Copy and paste is a good idea in performance but i usually put together my Performances using Rig Manager by dragging and dropping different Profiles into slots 1 to 5. Unless i've missed the obvious, when copy and pasting in rig manager, it doesn't carry over the morph settings.

    This would be a good feature for the new editor - to be able to set morph parameters in the editor, as well as effects etc.

    hi all

    I'm trying out new profiles in my live Performance setups.

    I use morphing live. I cant work how to copy the whole effects and morph preset from one profile (e.g. in performance slot 3) across to the new profile (e.g. that I've put in performance slot 4). The effects is easy to copy, but I cant work out the morph bit.

    I'm having to manually dial the morph setting beck in to each new profile that I put in the performance slot. Ideally I'd like to copy the whole thing from one profile to another.

    Can this be done?

    Just to re-affirm my previous post...

    I downloaded Michael Britt 'Crank n go' pack last night as i fancied finding some more good gigging profiles for the Whitesnake Tribute Band i play in. There were 88 profiles in this pack i think... so again, i felt the 'option paralysis' again.

    I loaded them in to Rig Manager and then set about trying them all out by giving each one a quick 2 minute blast at decent volume.

    I went with my gut feeling with a handful and made them favourites, then moved on to the next.

    Once through the pack i went back to the favourites and tried them back-to-back.

    This whittled them down to 4 or 5 profiles i can turn into Performances and start to try them out at band rehearsals and gigs.

    Over the next few week ill spend more time trying the non-favourite profiles just to make sure ive not missed something awesome the first time.

    I havent read all replies, but heres my input.

    I got my Powered Rack in February. I use my Kemper for practicing at home (through a 2x12 Zilla cab) and playing live (through a JCM800 4x12 cab).

    At first i struggled to find a tone/profiles i was happy with - due to having too much choice and always thinking there was something better. Or just adjusting the profiles too much from the factory setting, trying to turn them into something else.

    I bought my Kemper 2nd hand and the lad before me had hundreds of profiles on it. What i did was take all profiles off the Kemper except the factory one, and keep them in Rig Manager.

    I then downloaded some free packs from Michael Britt, Tone Junkie,Top Jimi, Thre Amp Factory etc. From this i decided i like the sound of Michael Britt and Tone Junkie profiles. I bought a couple of packs and set about picking my favourites - the ones most useful to me.

    From there i tried and tested a few profiles at home, rehearsals and live, and finally settled on a handful of maybe 6 or 7 that i really like and i can use properly (for gigging). I'll use 2 or 3 at a time in my performance and then sometimes swap some out for the other favorites just for a nice change.

    I still like to try out other profiles when practicing at home, but its more a case of pick one and play rather than pick one and faff around all night. Every now-and-then ill favorite a new one and add it into the cycle for gig profiles above.

    One thing i did find out is its better, in my opinion, to not alter the profiles too much (e.g. mid, bass, gain, treble, clarity, definition etc. etc.). I pick the ones that sound about right out of the box, and if needs be (depending on room or stage) ill just adjust the overall Monitor or Main output EQs to suit each gig.

    You can use it through your 4x12 for any type of profile. All you should do is to disable the cab sim for the monitor out (i think) output which is in the system setting (i think).

    This will make sure that for plugging a regular guitar cab into the power head, you don't get a cab sim for the profile running into an actual guitar cab. This wont cause any harm, but its generally not the preferred thing to be doing.

    Disabling the cab sim means you get the profile going direct to your guitar cab. Your guitar cab would add its own 'colour' to the amp profile.

    If you did want to use a guitar cab AND a powered full range cab, you can change the settings so that the master volume only controls the volume for monitor out (which is the input section for your guitar cab), but doesn't alter the volume for the main outs (where you would connect a full range cab (i think)).

    This way you can use the volume control on the full range cab for that on its own, and use the master volume on the Kemper to change volume independently for the regular guitar cab.

    Hope that answers the question?

    I've no idea if this has been requested before.

    What about a volume balance feature that works across a performance?

    E.g. I use a performance with 5 profiles.

    1 is by Ola Englund (clean and processed)

    1 is by Tone Junkie (another clean but quite dry sounding)

    And the other 3 are by Michael Britt of varying gain stages

    Coming from different authors, by default they are all different volumes.

    So how about a performance parameter where you can set a tolerance for how many dB difference you want across the performance?

    Eg. You could set a tolerance of 0.5 dB so that the profiles are all nice and balanced as you switch between them, rather than having to go I to each one and balance them all up against each other?

    Anyone have any input into this?


    I bought mine 2nd hand off Facebook Marketplace but it took a while for one to show up. I've found that most people want to sell them as a package with the Kemper itself.

    And also, if you've got the Kemper and remote, i cant think of many reasons why anyone would sell off the remote on its own.

    The lad I got my remote off was selling because he didn't use his Kemper for gigs any more, just recording. He said it wasn't needed and wanted the money instead.

    Could you set up three performances with the same profiles but varying stages of boost per performance? Then just choose the performance that suits

    That would be possible, and by the looks of it, unbelievably this will be one of the less fussy ways yo achieve this.

    I don't usually change by solo boost volume too much, but if it needs to change, it seems there's no clear and simple way to achieve this even though the Kemper with Remote is such a powerful tool.

    Thanks for this.

    One more question.

    If i set up my performance like this, and then i decide i need a bigger volume boost during soundcheck/into the set, can i easily increase the volume boost across all 3 performance slots? Or do i still need to go into each slot individually? If not, then its no better than just morphing the volume on each slot.

    Coming from a more traditional amp rig, id just tweak the relative volume on the amp or just reach down and nudge it up on an EQ pedal running in the effects loop. This made it very easy and quick to adjust on the fly.

    Hi all

    I use morph with the kemper remote to boost volume and add delay for solo boosts for playing at gigs.

    I use 3 different performance slots for various gain stages, each has been set up with a volume boost/add delay (the same setting for each slot).

    If im at a gig or a rehearsal and i think i need a bigger or lesser volume boost, is there a way to conveniently adjust all 3 performance slot morph settings in one go? Or do i need to go into each one and adjust the volume and delay individually?