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    Welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper. Sounds like the fun is already going on, very good! Enjoy this incredible machine as much as most of us here do :thumbup:8)

    No specific suggestions but take your time to explore it go step by step. Don't try everything at once. It is potentially a pretty overwhelming piece of gear but has so many little details that might be confusing at first glance but later turn out to be so well thought out concepts.

    In case of questions take the (full) manual as a great reference and after that come here and ask... incredibly nice people in that community here! :)

    Hi monkeymagic , welcome to the forum!

    Black Lion's audio interfaces are interesting stuff and a good step away from the mainstream. I like them and just ordered another 6x6 indeed for similar tasks you have there. Cubase user though.

    Anyway, 2nd cable is good idea to make sure everything is in sync. Furthermore make sure that the Kemper is configured to be SPDIF Slave and takes the clocking from the BLA. Go to Kemper Output Menu, page with SPDIF on top buttons, "internal vs. auto" needs to be put on auto. You will see when it syncs with the interface properly (hope that fits for the Stage as well, Rack user here).

    For the 2x2 I am not sure if you can use SPDIF and other inputs/outputs in parallel. It just has one switch to select either SPDIF or the others. Please consult the manual on this issue...

    Additionally, there is no Vox cabinet in this profile...

    Btw, it's a pity that Michael Britt only uses this 3rd Power Switchback cabinet in most of his profiles...

    Go ahead and change it. Just find a Vox cab in another profile and swap it. Various ways to do it. Sometimes it sounds surprisingly good, sometimes it doesn't work. But trying it out is just a few clicks away and then you know :)

    I actually like that he does that. Speakers and cabs have a huge impact on sound , I want to eliminate that from the equation.

    Same here. And the sound guys like that because it reduces inconsistencies in the sound and setup. So I go with another Britt cab (from the CnG pack) in all my profiles for live use. Works super well once you find a cab that hits the sweet spot for you :thumbup:

    Very nice Larry! Good example for the claim "less is more" :) It is good that you leave more room for the instruments, leave space by creating breaks and more or less silence here and there... and less distortion is what we guitar players can not be reminded often enough 8o

    Great driving energy in that track, nice flow Renaud! And great sounds in it, that filthy bassline is superb. Only those clean strats are a bit too upfront to my taste. Well panned left and right but could be a bit less sharp... rest is great :thumbup: 8)

    ...and potentially the delay introduces phasing with the original signal. Yep. Constant Latency helps to keep this consistent but does not change the "overall delay" which comes from the latency introduced by the overall roundtrip of the signal out of the DAW into the Kemper and back into the DAW.

    Two ways I solve it:

    1. Manually move the reamped samples and align a well visible transient while zooming in massively. That can come close.
    2. Introduce the Kemper as an outboard gear / external effect if your DAW allows. Can't tell it for Reaper but here in my Cubase that works like a charm. It has an automatic "Latency Compensation" which detects the latency when you configure the Kemper as an external effect (thus it needs "constant latency" otherwise that would change from profile to profile). With that the alignment is done automatically by Cubase - and by the way super precise. Look out for such an option in Reaper for best quality and convenience.

    I understand there are other options out there but after listening to a bunch of mics (online, I hasten to add) I don't want to get further confused.

    This. The market. the industry, marketing and the internet can drive you nuts with your investment decisions. Don't waste too much of your lifetime at your stage of things. Go with one of your choices above, both seem decent for the price point and will certainly work well for you. Make sure a proper shockmount is included as condensers definitely benefit from that more than others. A proper carrying case to make sure it's stored well is beneficial as well.

    More important: Buy it and then start gathering experience how to handle and how to achieve best results. Only with that experience you will come to a point where you can decide if maybe - emphasis on maybe here - another microphone would suit your needs better. Soundwise, handlingwise or with respect to your specific recording situation (is the room treated well enough for condenser-based recordings?). How can you find out theoretically? A bit (which is why we tend to stick to "standards") but not fully...

    Go ahead, make music, have fun, enjoy & learn :)