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    I was blown away by this pack, I was looking for that "Mayer" sound and someone suggested the Bverb pack and they werent wrong! I tried another from a different supplier and tbh they could be any amp but the Bverb profiles are spot on, theres every kind of sound from clean to crunch and everything inbetween. I've been round and round the houses so many times just looking for that "killer" sound that I wanted and I have finally found it! I know not everyone hears things the same but this is perfect for me on a Strat. Anyone else find them as good as I do?

    I have the XTC pack and must say there my favourite profiles on the Kemper, I also have his JB pack which if I'm honest wasnt as impressed with as i found them very trbley with not much bass end even after tweaking. I'll have a look at the JJ pack, thanks