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    There are plenty of resources for getting MIDI changes FROM a DAW to the Kemper, which I've been able to get working just fine.
    However, getting MIDI changes INTO a DAW from the Kemper seems to be quite difficult.

    The DAW I'm using is Studio One, but it probably doesn't matter much.
    I've noticed that the MIDI changes coming into the DAW look like this (confirming connection is good and Kemper is sending data):

    But I can't find where the controls are happening. For instance, the data shown above is for toggling the A effects button on and off, however mapping that to a CC seems impossible. From what I can tell from the manual, the CC for this change should be #17. However the monitor of CC17 shows no change when toggling this on and off (as shown in the MIDI dump above)

    FWIW, DAW TO Kemper maps CC17 to Effects slot A just fine and toggles it on and off...

    Has anyone else tried FROM Kemper TO DAW, and found a solution that will record changes for you?


    A better test in the studio would be to mic up the amp and stand in the control room playing with monitors or cans ie isolated from the direct amp sound. Human hearing is far from linear in terms of how things seem at different volumes, Fletcher Munson curves apply to the frequency balance and there is also compression at high levels.

    And there's a lot of video evidence on YouTube suggesting professionals can't tell the difference in this situation.

    Monitor Out EQ changes affect the speaker out. These are independent from Main Out EQ changes or individual rig EQ changes. You can use these to get your cab as close to the sound you want to hear out front as possible. Since you're using a guitar cab, you'll want to disable monitor out cab, which will still enable it on the main outputs/FOH sound.

    This has been an issue for a while, although tempo doesn't get out of sync audibly, every other delay pedal/tap tempo light functions as it should so it's incredibly distracting.

    Every time tempo is enabled on a rig (hint: always) I am reminded that the tap tempo light doesn't flash to the repeats/tempo as it should.

    if you don't want to use morphing (as it may be set for something else), I'd suggest using the Pure Boost in the X slot after the amp. It's volume boost goes up to "5" (whatever that is) and provides a nice solo boost on any slot selected. Takes up one Effect button, wherever you'd like.

    You'll need to set up your rig volumes to be more equal. This differentiates the Master Volume control from the Rig Volume control. Can you tell that the same sort of volume jumps occur without the looper? If so, it sounds like the rig volumes should be adjusted between clean and distorted. I believe this is exactly where the clean sens and dist sens come in for each guitar you use.

    In the other thread, about the new Celestion speakers AZRipp explains what he had to do to get a FRFR speaker sound really FRFR. It was basically very smart EQ-ing.

    I bet that this is exactly what the Kemper Kone does. They profiled the curves of these famous speakers and built EQ to go from the Celestion FRFR to these famous ones. So the Kemper will use some of its DSP to do a post effect EQ to match the speaker model selected.

    Check out the original post here: Celestion F12-X200 (FRFR Driver) Released

    To me, this would allow any full-range speaker to work, not just the proprietary one (as it seems this is exactly what is happening in the cab stage right now on a Kemper).

    Love using output presets for different home setups and venue EQ changes, however it'd be nice if I could programmatically turn on/off the power amp with presets as well. It seems to be global to the output section. I would use this at home all the time with my traditional guitar cab setup for home volume as well as quiet/silent practice (through monitors or headphones). Scrolling to a "home quiet" preset would just save me a few page scrolls/clicks to switch back to my usual guitar cab home setup.

    Can you set it up like this linked video? Delay setup with a hold; once activated, a delay in slot before is can be activated to solo over the hold.

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    Analog input sources like to see actual signal levels of 0dB VU (like going into a console, then to meters on the desk should hover around the „0“ mark)...

    Thanks for the info. I may be in for a world of surprise then, I had been sending to desk nowhere near that level! How will I know if I'm in analog or digital though? I kinda assumed all the mixing desk stuff used now was digital. Also, what is the difference in VU vs FS in your examples given? Sorry, this end of the audio stuff is super new to me.